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Cisco, Dell Have ‘A Lot Of Catching Up To Do:’ HPE Financial Services CEO Irv Rothman

Steven Burke

HPE Financial Services President and CEO Irv Rothman say rivals Dell and Cisco can’t match HPE’s as a service pay-per-use financing prowess.

HPEFS Financing, Asset Management ‘Better Than Any Competitor’: HPEFS CEO Irv Rothman

HPE Financial Services (HPEFS ) CEO Irv Rothman says that competitors like Dell and Cisco simply can not match the financing and global asset management capabilities that is powering the HPE GreenLake on premise cloud pay per use service.

“Our combination of financing and asset management solutions is better than any competitor you can find in the marketplace,” said Rothman in an interview with CRN. “Why? Because our asset management capability is vastly superior to anybody else in the marketplace which drives our financial solutions and gives us that opportunity to differentiate ourselves in the marketplace with the SMB channel and in the enterprise and global accounts space as well.”

Rothman’s comments come as HPEFS - the engine behind the GreenLake pay-per-use model–continues to drive new liquidity into the SMB (small medium business), midmarket and global enterprise markets.

Among the new offers to help customers unlock budget are an ability to convert current IT assets to a modern GreenLake pay-per-use paradigm; asset buybacks to fund digital transformation; and a program for existing HPEFS customers to divert funds to new investments.

The ability to buy IT assets from customers to fund digital transformation is proving to be a big competitive advantage for HPE, said Rothman.

“We will take any tech, anytime, anywhere, anyplace,” said Rothman. “We do it around the world. We do it consistently and we do it better than anybody else. And any tech means not only HPE and HP it means any tech. It means Dell, Lenovo, IBM. Whatever the customer needs us to do we’ll do! And we do it better than anybody else because we can do it consistently around the world. That gives us an opportunity to be very special for our customers.”

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