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CRN’s 2021 Products Of The Year

Wade Tyler Millward, Kyle Alspach

CRN staff compiled the top partner-friendly products that launched over the past year, then turned to solution providers to choose the winners.




With a focus on simplifying security for partners and customers, Cisco’s cloud-native SecureX platform provides a unified and customizable dashboard, automation of routine tasks, threat response capabilities, integrations with third-party solutions and comprehensive device insights. Recent enhancements include capabilities to reduce the dwell time for security operations while bringing automation to tasks related to detection and remediation of threats. The capabilities include automated workflows for phishing investigations and threat investigations—dramatically reducing the time needed to detect and remediate threats. Other updates have included capabilities to simplify the transition from EDR to XDR with improved orchestration capabilities as well as additional pre-built workflows and integrations.

Subcategory Winner—Technology: CrowdStrike Falcon Horizon

Recently launched features for Falcon Horizon leverage CrowdStrike’s telemetry to deliver indicators of attack for the cloud control plane and provide DevOps tools for faster detection and remediation. The new capabilities include continuous threat detection, as well as monitoring and correlation across cloud and on-premises environments to help security teams cut through the noise of a multi-cloud environment.

Finalist: Check Point CloudGuard Cloud Native Security

A recent expansion of Check Point’s CloudGuard Cloud Native Security offering has brought new capabilities for application-first workload protection via the CloudGuard Workload Protection solution. The solution protects cloud workloads with tools for fully automated security across applications, APIs and microservices.

Finalist: McAfee Enterprise MVision Unified Cloud Edge

With the McAfee Enterprise MVision Unified Cloud Edge, customers can define a single data protection or threat prevention policy and consistently apply the rules across the device, the network and the cloud. The offering has been bolstered with first-of-its-kind integrated remote browser isolation technology, unified data loss prevention and incident management across devices, networks, web and the cloud.

Finalist: Microsoft Cloud App Security

As Microsoft’s cloud app security broker (CASB) solution, Microsoft Cloud App Security provides visibility across multi-cloud apps, finds shadow IT, protects sensitive information in the cloud, protects against cyber threats, assesses compliance and manages security posture across clouds. Recent updates have included a new app governance capability that allows users to monitor, protect and govern Microsoft 365 apps and identify risky behaviors.

Finalist: Palo Alto Networks SaaS Security

Palo Alto Networks SaaS Security, a recently launched CASB solution, proactively protects both on-premises and cloud-hosted applications. It automatically discovers and prevents risks with thousands of new Software as a Service applications before they become an issue—using techniques including continuous identification, categorization and granular risk-based control of known and previously unknown SaaS applications.

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