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CRN’s 2021 Products Of The Year

Wade Tyler Millward, Kyle Alspach

CRN staff compiled the top partner-friendly products that launched over the past year, then turned to solution providers to choose the winners.




Unveiled last December as the newest member of Lenovo’s ThinkSystem storage array line, the ThinkSystem DM5100F offers all-flash storage at a price point that’s ideal for SMBs while still providing strong performance and minimal latency. The all-NVMe array offers raw storage capacity of up to 737 TB and a 45 per cent performance improvement over its predecessor model. Other updates include improved data protection and native management of object storage. The enhancements enable management and analysis of all types of data on one storage platform to reduce costs of infrastructure and accelerate analytics processing.

Subcategory Winner—Revenue and Profit: HPE MSA Gen 6

HPE’s Modular Smart Array (MSA) Gen 6 offers hybrid-flash storage with enhancements including automatic tiering to accelerate data access; new data protection capabilities, which minimize the time an array is vulnerable or degraded; and an integration with HPE Cloud Volumes Backup, offering a simpler path to cloud-based data protection that also reduces costs.

Finalist: Dell EMC PowerStore 500

Targeted as a lower-priced all-flash storage array, the Dell EMC PowerStore 500 nonetheless brings enterprise-level performance and storage services. The array comes in a 2U form-factor chassis with capacity of up to 1.2 petabytes, and supports up to 2.4 million SQL transactions per minute and 1,500 virtual desktops per appliance.

Finalist: IBM FlashSystem 5200

A part of the second generation of IBM‘s entry-level, all-flash storage series, the IBM FlashSystem 5200 provides up to 1.7 petabytes of capacity in a 1U chassis and supports 21 GBs per second throughput, which is 40 percent greater than its predecessor. Other features include IBM’s HyperSwap capability, providing 100-percent availability with as few as three flash modules.

Finalist: Pure Storage FlashArray//X10

Pure Storage’s all-NVMe FlashArray//X10 offers up to 73 TB effective capacity, 22 TB raw capacity and latency of less than 1 millisecond. The FlashArray//X10 recently gained the ability to populate with the software-defined DirectFlash module for boosted performance and density.

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