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CRN’s 2021 Products Of The Year

Wade Tyler Millward, Kyle Alspach

CRN staff compiled the top partner-friendly products that launched over the past year, then turned to solution providers to choose the winners.




Microsoft’s Azure Machine Learning platform offers enterprise-ready machine learning services that can be used to build models at significant scale. Azure Machine Learning supports large-scale distributed training and inference on CPU and GPU clusters, complete machine learning operations life-cycle automation, reproducible pipelines and data drift detection—as well as continuous integration and continuous delivery, comprehensive security and collaborative notebooks. Microsoft recently updated Azure Machine Learning to improve cross-location computing, enabling greater space efficiency and virtual machine SKUs for specific regions while removing the need for manual creation of individual models to produce hierarchy data forecasts.

Subcategory Winner—Revenue and Profit, Technology: Amazon SageMaker

SageMaker is Amazon’s tool to help machine learning engineers and data scientists build and operate models for business processes. Recent updates include giving users the option to explicitly list execution steps and the new support for registering and deploying inference pipelines with the model registry.

Subcategory Winner—Customer Need: Google Cloud Vertex AI

Google’s Vertex AI tool aims to help engineers build, deploy and scale ML models faster with pre-trained and custom tooling. Recent updates for the tool include expansion to the South Carolina region and general availability of access transparency, using VPC Service Controls, setting up VP Network Peering and using customer service accounts for custom training and prediction.

Finalist: HPE Ezmeral

Ezmeral from Hewlett Packard Enterprise brings cloud-native analytics and data lakehouse services to one platform. This year, HPE made Exmeral Data Fabric available as a standalone offering and a new technology ecosystem program and marketplace for offerings from independent software vendors.

Finalist: IBM Watson Studio

IBM’s tool to build and scale artificial intelligence on any cloud received several updates this year, including new job notifications and job retention support, the ability to add user groups as a collaborator in an analytics project and new connections to SQL Query, databases for MongoDB and Microsoft Azure File Storage.

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