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CRN’s 2021 Products Of The Year

Wade Tyler Millward, Kyle Alspach

CRN staff compiled the top partner-friendly products that launched over the past year, then turned to solution providers to choose the winners.




Couchbase Capella, previously known as Couchbase Cloud, is a Database-as-a-Service offering that’s recently gained broader usability by becoming available for Microsoft Azure deployment. Couchbase recently made its Cloud API generally available with the goal of simplifying automation, enhancing data import functionality and improving the in-product support user experience. The company also made its full-text search indexes more available through a new ability to configure replicas with the control plane.

Finalist: Databricks Lakehouse Platform

The Databricks Lakehouse Platform unifies data, analytics and artificial intelligence workloads, with a recent update extending availability to Google Cloud. Databricks also announced a public preview of the Photon query engine on the Lakehouse Platform to coordinate work and resources and accelerate SQL and Spark queries.

Finalist: MariaDB SkySQL

Recent announcements for MariaDB SkySQL include a new partnership with Amazon Web Services to bring MariaDB SkySQL to the AWS cloud and make its Xpand distributed SQL database generally available in SkySQL, improving throughput and lowering latency.

Finalist: Oracle Autonomous Database

Oracle launched new self-service graph modeling and graph analytics capabilities, an AutoML no-code user interface and extended ability to query data in all popular cloud object stores with three new data lake capabilities as part of updates this year to the Autonomous Database suite of products.

Finalist: Snowflake Data Cloud

Among the features Snowflake rolled out this year to users of its Data Cloud are cloning performance improvements; an access history feature to see who queried which tables, views and columns in Snowflake; and connectivity to Snowflake internal stages using AWS PrivateLink.

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