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Deloitte Consulting ‘Doubling Down’ On $750M AWS Business

‘The go-to-market globally was around $750 million last year,’ says Jonathan Bauer, Deloitte Consulting’s AWS alliance leader. ‘We have aspirations of doubling and tripling that over the course of the next few years.’

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What's the scope of Deloitte's work with AWS? Are there certain areas that you concentrate on and certain types of customers?

In the AWS terminology, it‘s enterprise, strategic and globals -- the (companies with) $2 billion-$3 billion and up in revenue. That’s sort of the sweet spot where the two of us come together.

As far as focus areas, we have five or six campaigns that we‘re pursuing globally. One is around SAP on AWS. The SAP workload is, obviously, hugely important to many clients globally. I was told probably about a month ago, within the U.S., Deloitte had migrated the most workloads for this calendar year on AWS of all of their partners.

We focus on specific industry solutions being ported to AWS. An example of that would be Guidewire, which is an insurance platform. We have a solution called InsurCloud, which is not only the porting of Guidewire, but it‘s also wrapping other cloud-native services around the application to bring additional value to the client. We are also one of the first partners to look at porting Epic onto AWS in the healthcare space. We have a couple of proofs of concept already completed in production with them, with aspirations to sort of build out a larger footprint of the Epic platform.

Number three would be modernization, and it sort of has two flavors. One is a lot of people talk about migration. We don‘t. We talk about modernization as opposed to simply migration. Migration is just moving the workload. Moving the workload by itself is not necessarily a successful venture for our clients. There are many other things that should go along with that in the way that they manage business, the move to DevOps, looking at their talent to make sure that they have the right people on board to manage and support cloud applications versus the on-prem applications.

The other flavor of that is specifically in the data world -- so the data warehouses, data marts. Many enterprises have hundreds of data warehouses and data marts. In some cases, there are multiple versions of truth within a single company, which can be very difficult to manage. And so part of the charge of data modernization is getting our arms around all of that and bringing it into the AWS world. (Amazon) Aurora (an AWS relational database), is…their fastest-growing service. That sort of sits at the core of all of that, because they‘ve seen such an interest. That’s such a big challenge for so many companies.

We have one specifically around security, because that is important to everybody that is moving to cloud. And then the last, and by no means least, is around industry solutions. Our definition of solution is it‘s a software asset. It’s not a product, like you download it and click “install.” It’s a significant, relevant software asset that we use as sort of a jumpstart -- as an accelerator -- to address big industry problems. We built these solutions across several sectors: public sector, life sciences, healthcare with Epic. We’ve done some in financial services. In many cases, we build them with AWS. They contribute to the development of the solution and then…we will jointly market as well.

What do you see as AWS' biggest strengths, and has that been changing in relation to Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud?

I‘d say it’s two or three things. The first one would be just the years that they’ve been in the business. They’ve been out there 12-plus years now. They have the broadest and most mature toolset that is out there across the services. Their security tools are top-of-the-heap. Their market share is still more than the next two combined. Their other strength -- which is very aligned with Deloitte (and) one of the reasons that our partnership has moved so quickly -- is they have their (14) core values, and customer obsession is one of them, if not the No. 1 value that they espouse. And for us, we talk about delivering value for the customer, so it’s very, very similar alignment to what we want to bring.

They continue to innovate. In fact, they will run workshops for their clients or for new or potential clients on their innovation methodology. I‘ve actually been in a couple of those with AWS, which they refer to as their “working backwards” method. That has a real appeal and interest to clients, because…both Amazon’s and AWS’ innovation track record is incredibly impressive. And they bring to their clients the same processes and methods that they use internally to direct their own innovation.

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