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Eight Reasons HPE GreenLake Is Growing Faster Than Public Cloud

Steven Burke

Hewlett Packard Enterprise CEO Antonio Neri says that with as-a-service bookings up 136 percent in the most recent quarter, the HPE GreenLake on premise cloud service is growing faster than public cloud. Here’s eight reasons why GreenLake is growing faster than public cloud.

A Blistering Pace Of HPE GreenLake Innovation

The new GreenLake capabilities set for March 22 build upon a blizzard of HPE GreenLake innovation that includes pioneering on premise cloud service development and a steady pace of new capabilities over the course of the last year.

The HPE GreenLake development effort has led to increased recognition of HPE as a software powerhouse with 8,300 plus software engineers now working on HPE GreenLake next generation software stack.

HPE is now releasing GreenLake code on a daily and weekly basis, said Neri.

Neri has made big innovation bets in the GreenLake edge to cloud platform and the intelligent edge with a commitment to spend $4 billion on technology breakthroughs over four years starting in 2018.

HPE’s heavy software investment includes pioneering edge to cloud leadership development including the launch two years ago of GreenLake Central, a breakthrough self service hybrid cloud portal, and HPE Ezmeral, an open source cloud native container platform.

The no holds barred innovation bet has continued at a break neck pace over the last year with additional HPE GreenLake breakthroughs including:

*a third generation cloud data analytics capabities through the edge to cloud HPE Ezmeral Unified Analytics and data lakehouse platform. HPE is billing it as the “industry’s first hybrid, unified analytics and data lakehouse platform that once and for all eliminates on premise and public cloud data silohs.

*a new HPE GreenLake SaaS (software as-a-service)-based data protection service with ransomware protection based in part on its $374 million acquisition of Zerto, along with data protection and backup/recovery service for VMware.

*a new Zero Trust security framework called Project Aurora aimed at ensuiring edge to cloud security within HPE GreenLake from the user to the application all the way to the operating system and firmware in the hardware.

*GreenLake Lighthouse which provides the ability to instantly deploy workload optimized multiple cloud services across any platform from edge to data center to colocation provider.


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