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Five Things To Know About Bottlerocket, AWS’ New Container-Optimized Linux

Joseph Tsidulko

AWS introduced Bottlerocket to power containerized workloads running on its own managed container services, and everywhere else.

Benefits Of Slimming Down

“Bottlerocket is a slimmed down Linux that’s optimized to run your container hosts,” Ulander said.

AWS and the developer community it’s nurturing on GitHub have eliminated Linux kernel features not needed to support container deployments; that leaner OS creates a smaller attack surface for better security and a smaller install footprint to bring down resource utilization and costs.

Bottlerocket’s efficiency, security and cost-optimization will encourage more enterprises to pursue cloud transformations, said Rishi, Kasten’s head of product.

“Cloud-native represents a major opportunity for partners and other collaborators in the channel ecosystem as container and Kubernetes adoption accelerates,” Rishi told CRN.

Bottlerocket “opens up a whole new world where more companies can take advantage of cloud-native capabilities which is driving significant sales opportunities,” he said.

AWS has played a foundational role in enabling the shift to modern architecture, and the cloud leader has been working with partners like Kasten to spur more investment in cutting-edge solutions that ensure smooth operations beyond deployment—Day 2 management and security—for seamless business continuity.

“Bottlerocket is one of these innovative advancements,” Rishi said.

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