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Five Things To Know About Bottlerocket, AWS’ New Container-Optimized Linux

Joseph Tsidulko

AWS introduced Bottlerocket to power containerized workloads running on its own managed container services, and everywhere else.

Why Open Source?

Amazon open-sourced Bottlerocket “because we believe this is a bigger thing that a lot of customers can actually make use of in their own environments,” Ulander said.

The open source model delivers consistency, from developers running test workloads on their laptops, to full data center production deployments, to running on the two managed AWS container services, ECS and EKS.

Because Bottlerocket is based on the latest Linux kernel, partners and customers that want to optimize the OS can contribute to the project. That makes Bottlerocket “a very strong partner play where they want to include and distribute these packages within their own solutions,” Ulander said.

In that sense, it’s similar to what AWS did with Firecracker, a cloud technology developed for virtual machines and serverless functions.

Thompson, of Flux7, noted Bottlerocket is “one of the few Amazon Machine Images developed and provided by AWS that is open source,” which gives partners the flexibility to create custom variants to meet their specific needs.

Even AWS offers different variants that take Bottlerocket and package it with combinations of software and filesystems to meet specific use cases, Thompson said.



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