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Google Cloud Anthos: Hybrid AI And 5 Other New Features

Donna Goodison

Google Cloud App Modernization Program (Google CAMP) also debuts as a program designed to fast-track organizations’ application modernization.

Anthos Attached Clusters

New Anthos attached clusters allow users to manage any Kubernetes cluster with the Anthos control plane, including centralized management for configuration and service mesh capabilities.

Attaching clusters allows users to view existing Kubernetes clusters in Anthos with their Anthos GKE clusters, and it enables a subset of Anthos features on them, including Anthos Service Mesh and Anthos Config Management.

Current clusters types that can be attached to Anthos are Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) on Kubernetes version 1.16 and Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service (Microsoft AKS) on Kubernetes version 1.16.

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