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Google Cloud Anthos: Hybrid AI And 5 Other New Features

Donna Goodison

Google Cloud App Modernization Program (Google CAMP) also debuts as a program designed to fast-track organizations’ application modernization.

Google CAMP

Anthos is a key component of Google CAMP.

Google CAMP is based on Google Cloud’s experience with application delivery with speed and at scale – including deploying 12 million builds and running 650 million test cases daily, and processing 2.5 exabytes of logs every month and parsing 14 quadrillion monitoring metrics -- according to Google Cloud product management director Oren Teich. It’s also based on six years of research by Google’s DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA) team.

“Google CAMP allows large enterprises to modernize application development and delivery and drive improvements in speed, which directly drives a business’ bottom line,” Teich said in a blog post. “DORA’s research with over 31,000 IT

professionals highlights that elite teams that ship code numerous times a day are 1.53 times more likely to achieve or exceed their commercial goals, including profitability, and market share.”

Google CAMP includes tailored modernization advice gained through a data-driven assessment, and concrete solutions, and recommendations and best practices for application modernization, such as alignment between developers and operators, lean product development and technical practices including implementing loosely coupled architectures and continuous testing. It leverages the Google Cloud Platform for each step of the application life cycle, from writing code to running, operating and securing applications, according to Teich.

The baseline assessment will show customers where to start their application modernization journey, identify priorities and maximize their return on investment.

“You can benchmark yourself against other lines of business in your company, the overall IT industry or the elite performers,” Teich said.

Customers interested in undergoing a Google CAMP assessment should reach out to their Google Cloud sales representative.



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