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Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian On 10 Hot Topics: Deutsche Bank Technology Conference

Donna Goodison

Kurian speaks about Google Cloud’s four ‘flavors’ of partners and its differentiated platform offering, security posture, multi-cloud and vertical market strategies, and data analytics strengths among other topics.

Google Cloud Platform’s Differentiated Offering

What’s really driving (GCP) is that shift to digitization has introduced five or six new requirements in organizations, and we designed our cloud to support these needs.

When you talk to larger companies now, there’s a fundamental belief that they’re going to use technology from multiple cloud players, something called multi-cloud. For example, (communications technology company) TELUS and their networking: They use technology from many, many companies, but the multi-cloud technology from us is a foundation for it.

Secondly, data is now — particularly with the shift to digital, whether it’s understanding your customer, understanding your infrastructure…your network, if you’re a carrier, like the work we’re doing with Vodafone as their data platform — becoming the fuel for organizations.

Third, any time you put a lot of data into a system, you increasingly read of all kinds of new cyberattacks coming in. And there’s enormous interest in Google’s expertise in providing both the secure cloud as well as security tools to protect against cybersecurity. We see that as a big differentiator in our history as a secure technology company now translating into how can we secure companies’ systems as they move to the cloud.

Lastly, every business executive wants to see faster value in their transformation, whether it’s faster value in how they run their supply chain, how they forecast demand, how they serve customers. We’ve built a set of industry solutions, and they’re being used by lots of organizations. LVMH, for example, in retail, wanted to change how they interact with their luxury customers, and we’re helping them with some of our industry solutions in retail. That effort has also been very important.

Lastly…as organizations look over a multiyear time frame on their sustainability commitments, we’re seeing a lot of interest in the fact that we run a green cloud. We’ve been carbon-neutral since 2007, so 14 years now. And whether it’s (consumer goods company) Unilever or various other organizations, we see that as a big source of interest in helping them meet their sustainability objectives.

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