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GreenLake SVP Vishal Lall On ‘Very Expensive’ Public Cloud Bills, Repatriation And The ‘Value Proposition’ Of HPE’s GreenLake Ezmeral Unified Analytics Service

Steven Burke

HPE Senior Vice President Vishal Lall, the head of the GreenLake Cloud Services Solutions Group, says the company’s new hybrid cloud GreenLake Ezmeral Unified Analytics Service will provide “choice” and breakthrough total cost of ownership for customers who have been increasingly frustrated by the high cost of public cloud.

What are the data insights implications for partners and the call to action for them as you bring HPE Ezmeral Unified Analytics Platform and Ezmeral Object Store to the market?

At the end of the day, the partners become much more relevant to their customers when they bring these really differentiated solutions to their customers. And this is in a model they understand. This is not the public cloud model where they have been struggling for a while, trying to build a business around that. This is in their wheelhouse and they are comfortable with it. But more importantly they are bringing much more relevant solutions to their customers than they have in the past. That is really the number one benefit.

Secondly, this is just the beginning of this [GreenLake cloud services transformation]. The partners who are going to win here are the ones who will figure out the value-added services they can have around these workloads. What we are going to do on the backend is simplify everything. So APIs for partners. They can plug into GreenLake and they can run their managed services off that. We’ll do everything with partners to simplify their experience. But the way I look at it from a partner perspective is they save their business, which could be lost to the public cloud. So number one it is defensive. Number two it is offensive because now they go and sell their customers something very, very competitive. And thirdly they can make more money over time by adding on value added services on top of GreenLake. Partners should think it across those three dimensions.

How critical is that partners get software expertise within their businesses to drive this unified analytics transformation?

Partners need to learn about software more. We have the capabilities to provide these new software solutions, but our partners need to come along with us as well. It is about learning about software and the data services.

Secondly, they have to innovate on their business models. This is a different business model. These are services that sit on top of GreenLake. This is a different business model than what partners are used to.

I would say partners need to learn about software, data services and work with us on these innovative models.

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