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GreenLake SVP Vishal Lall On ‘Very Expensive’ Public Cloud Bills, Repatriation And The ‘Value Proposition’ Of HPE’s GreenLake Ezmeral Unified Analytics Service

Steven Burke

HPE Senior Vice President Vishal Lall, the head of the GreenLake Cloud Services Solutions Group, says the company’s new hybrid cloud GreenLake Ezmeral Unified Analytics Service will provide “choice” and breakthrough total cost of ownership for customers who have been increasingly frustrated by the high cost of public cloud.

How important is the workload optimized Lighthouse work you are doing and how often are customers moving to the cloud without a finely tuned and optimized workload solution?

It is very important. If you look at it, it is all about performance. What we are doing is defining a stack which is very, very specific for that workload. Public clouds do a little bit of that. But they have big data centers. They have to have utilization so they can’t do really what we are doing. There are about 10 different types of workloads that we have defined.

Even from a partner perspective you want to make this very simple. You don’t want to ask them what hardware do you want? You want to ask them what workload do you want to run and what use cases are you going to drive?

It’s as simple as, let’s say you want to run unified analytics, you will select a machine learning stack, you select that. Then the next menu says what capacity do you want: small, medium, large, extra large, etc. And boom, you are done! You have configured your infrastructure. This is all user interface and channel driven. So it is performance and experience. It is an easy choice.

No one is going to sit down [and] say, ‘what memory do you need?’ It doesn’t matter to the customer what memory they need. We’ll tell them what works.

On our side, it simplifies operations. Now what we can do with our supply chain is see what workload optimized tasks that are coming online. We’ll get them ready and pre-assemble them. That decreases the time to value for customers. They can order it and get it much more quickly. It changes our supply chain value proposition. As I am looking at GreenLake time-to-value, time-to-provision is a big deal for me.

How important was it for HPE to bring all of the software cloud assets under a single group to accelerate cloud services momentum?

[HPE CEO] Antonio [Neri] knew we needed to accelerate this even more to bring more value to customers. I am fortunate that he put me in this spot to go drive it. It has been four weeks since I have been in this role and I am already seeing the value of pulling it all together in terms of getting that every integrated offer to customers. I think it is a big deal. I think customers will see more benefits from it. I think the partner value proposition will refine over time as we go. We are going to be API connected into partners. We’ll go do more of that. Net net, I think it will provide good value to customers as well as to our partners.

How optimistic are you as you look at the GreenLake cloud services opportunity?

I think there is a ton of opportunity. It is up to us to get our act together and get it done. Of course, we’ll have to add assets over time. Antonio is going to put more R&D dollars behind it. We’ll definitely do some acquisitions in this space. We’ll continue building it. But I think there is a ton of opportunity out there. We are on it! We are excited about it! I think you will just see us accelerate our innovation over the next few quarters and next couple of years.



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