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What VMware’s Top Execs Are Saying About The Broadcom Deal

O’Ryan Johnson

Top VMware leaders are speaking out after the blockbuster announcement that the company is being acquired by Broadcom. Here’s what they had to say.

The $61 billion deal for VMware is on track.

As a 40-day “go-shop” provision dwindles, with no signs yet that any bidder beside Broadcom is interested in the virtualization software star – a takeover is looking more likely.

To ease employees into a transition to a new company, VMware executives hosted a town hall where they took select questions from employees and shared their own thoughts on the deal.

Among those talking were Michael Dell, chairman of the VMware board, whose Dell Technologies spun out VMware last November; VMware CEO Raghu Raghuram; VMware president Sumit Dhawan; Chief Financial officer Zane Rowe; and Chief People Officer Betsy Sutter.

While the human resources officer stayed optimistic, and positive about such a deal, Raghuram and Dhawan were more sober and pointed out Broadcom’s history with acquisitions as a reason employees could be concerned.

VMware held the town hall meeting on Friday May 27, and published a transcript of what was said on June 1.

The merger has partners on edge, as Broadcom’s checkered channel past has come back into the spotlight. However, Broadcom has pushed back saying it has learned its lessons from the previous acquisitions of CA Technologies and Symantec. Krause told investors that this time they are interested in the long tail of VMware sales, and plans to “embrace the channel.”

Krause has taken to a commercial on LinkedIn to promote Broadcom’s history of investing in research and development.

Broadcom’s CEO Hock Tan, and the president of Broadcom Software Tom Krause spoke to VMware employees that same day in a virtual town hall, yet Broadcom has yet to post a transcript of their encounter with VMware employees. Instead, they published a letter that contained a reference to what was said.

Here is what VMware executives had to say about the deal during the company’s town hall meeting.

O’Ryan Johnson

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