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HPE CEO Antonio Neri On GreenLake Growth, A ‘New Beginning’ And The Decision To Halt Shipments To Russia

Steven Burke

HPE CEO Antonio Neri sounds off on the channel’s 115 percent GreenLake sales growth, a new era of edge to cloud innovation and the decision to halt shipments to Russia.

A ‘New Beginning’ With Breakthrough Innovation and Enhancements To HPE GreenLake

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is set to accelerate its transformation into an edge to cloud services powerhouse with groundbreaking enhancements to its HPE GreenLake platform set to be unveiled on March 22, said HPE President and CEO Antonio Neri.

“The beautiful thing about this is this is just the beginning,” said Neri. “We have been talking about this and see the momentum, but this is a new beginning to me, which is the next phase of who we are and how we are transforming ourselves.”

The HPE enhancements will help customers “manage the hybrid cloud more easily, protect and get more value from their data and securely connect at the edge,” said Neri.

Neri told CRN that the new GreenLake capabilities—which include the ability for partners to integrate their services in GreenLake through an API—represent a “huge” moment for HPE and its partners.

“It brings the unification of the [cloud] experience in a hybrid approach from edge to cloud, and it brings the partner ecosystem into the platform with that experience,” he said. “It brings partners all the hard work we have done in the last four years on our IT systems. It brings integration with the back end and all the as-a-service capabilities that channel partners will now have the benefit of. I feel very, very strongly about this.”

GreenLake represents the future of HPE as an edge to cloud innovator, said Neri. “Everything gets delivered through HPE GreenLake, whether it is connectivity to a subscription model, whether it is compute or storage that you can consume elastically with data services running on top of it, whether it is the services to operate in a hybrid world,” he said. “HPE GreenLake is becoming the platform of choice for many customers because it offers that flexibility in an architecture that is edge to cloud. That includes, by the way, the public cloud. That is why when you see the innovation we are going to bring in the next two weeks it includes the public cloud in the way we manage that.”

The HPE GreenLake enhancements come with HPE GreenLake momentum accelerating. For the first fiscal quarter ended Jan. 31, HPE reported a 136 percent increase in as-a-service orders. HPE’s annualized recurring revenue—a critical measure of GreenLake adoption—increased 23 percent to $798 million even in the face of supply constraints, said HPE.

HPE added 100 new HPE GreenLake customers in the quarter, accounting for more than $500 million of total contract value. That brings the total contract value of GreenLake to more than $6.5 billion with 1,350 total customers.

Steven Burke

Steve Burke has been reporting on the technology industry and sales channel for over 30 years. He is passionate about the role of partners using technology to solve business problems and has spoken at conferences on channel sales issues. He can be reached at

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