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HPE Workload-Optimized Infrastructure Is Key To ‘Survival’ In New Normal: HPE Compute GM Neil MacDonald

Steven Burke

Neil MacDonald, the general manager of HPE’s $12.21 billion compute business, says that adapting and evolving infrastructure by leveraging HPE’s workload-optimized solutions is key to “survival” in the “new normal” created by the global pandemic.

Adapting And Evolving Infrastructure In Workload-Optimized Solutions Era

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Compute General Manager Neil MacDonald said the global pandemic is driving a new era of workload-optimized HPE infrastructure solutions.

“At the end of the day customers are trying to run their business, right now that means they are having to adapt and evolve their actual business and needing to adapt and evolve their infrastructure as a means to an end of survival and thriving in the new environment we area all in,” said MacDonald in an exclusive interview with CRN ahead of HPE’s Accelerating Next Workload-Optimized Solutions virtual seminar on Wednesday.

In fact, MacDonald said the global pandemic has accelerated the “evolution” of workload-optimized infrastructure. “I think there’s a new normal that we’re heading to and the pandemic has accelerated the evolution of infrastructure because of the need to change,” he told CRN. “Our goal is to be there hand in hand with our partners, enabling our customers to make those transitions and to do them faster.”

One of the most dramatic examples of the need for workload-optimized solutions is VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) solutions that came to the fore in the midst of the pandemic, said MacDonald. “Almost every organization is dealing with more remote working than it was before,” he said. “But how many organizations were really set up to make a remote workforce productive? As a result they have had to embrace and deploy virtual desktop infrastructure, for example, so they can get the benefit of that productivity at a distance without compromising the security of their data or the efficiency of their infrastructure.”

As the economy recovers from the global pandemic, more organizations are going to be “looking to get the possible return for their investments” through workload-optimized solutions and HPE’s GreenLake pay per use cloud service, said MacDonald.

MacDonald encouraged partners to join the HPE Accelerating Next webcast to get up to speed on the workload-optimized compute strategy. “We absolutely welcome our partners to participate in Accelerating Next,” he said. “Working together we are excited about accelerating next for our end customers but also enabling our partners to accelerate their business as they move forward as well.”

Here is a look at why MacDonald says the workload-optimized strategy is resonating with partners and customers.

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