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Keith White On GreenLake’s Big ‘Leap Forward’ And Why HPE Is ‘Miles Ahead’ Of Dell Apex

Steven Burke

HPE executive Keith White says the blockbuster new release of GreenLake is a big leap forward with a far more “holistic” set of solutions than rival Dell Technologies’ Apex as a service.

What kind of momentum are you seeing with GreenLake?

We are sprinting ahead. It’s been fantastic. The growth has been tremendous. In Q1 we announced over 135 percent year-over-year growth for GreenLake, which was astronomical. Even better, 120-plus percent growth in the channel.

Our partner ecosystem is now grasping the opportunity. I was talking to our Latin American team and they told me that nearly 90 percent of the new logos they established in Q1 all came through the channel.

The channel is seeing this as an opportunity to drive new business and new opportunities.

Is HPE becoming more of a software company and cloud services company than an infrastructure company?

We are. It has been exciting to see. Antonio has made this his top priority. As we have brought in folks like Fidelma Russo, we have really pivoted. I think what you are going to start to hear is our other business groups—the Aruba team, the storage team, our compute organization—all of these people are now delivering cloud services. Antonio committed three years ago that by the end of 2022 everything would be running as a service. You are seeing the outcome of that now. It has been a pretty dramatic shift.

Every time I talk to a partner or a customer the word ‘partnership’ comes up. Not hardware vendor. Not component provider. It is all about ‘Help us solve this problem, help us accelerate our business, help us be that partner.’ GreenLake has really been the catalyst to help accelerate HPE as a company to go and do that. I think it’s awesome.



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