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Look For ‘Much More’ HPE GreenLake Lead-Generation, Co-Selling: HPE GreenLake GM Keith White

Steven Burke

Hewlett Packard Enterprise GreenLake General Manager Keith White says partners can expect “much more” lead generation and co-selling as HPE accelerates its edge to cloud platform as a service sales charge.

What do partners need to do to make more money with on premises cloud services?

For partners the first thing is this really meets their customer’s needs. It allows them to have these much deeper conversations with their customers about transformation, modernization and business challenges. So really understanding the opportunities that we have at HPE that they can bring to their customers is number one.

Number two is it really opens up new business models. I mentioned the powered by GreenLake capabilities. And then with all of the of the third party strong partners we have like Microsoft, Veeam, and SAP now you have a full solution they can offer their customers. We are bringing together these solutions so they don’t have to aggregate.

Third and finally, we are going to continue to make sure that GreenLake provides partners with the highest profitability of any of the cloud services that are out there. So we want to continue to invent. We want to continue to partner. We want to continue to co-sell and really drive leads, drive incentives and drive capabilities through that ecosystem so that they see the profitability and then they have the longer term relationship with the customer whether that is consumption based or subscription based. We have a lot of offers from that standpoint.

So bar none HPE is going to be the most profitable on premise cloud service provider?

We are a partner built company. We are only successful with our ecosystem and the momentum that we have seen with our ecosystem has just been dramatic. We have now over 900 partners that are ready to help our customers with their hybrid journey. Now, they are only participating in the GreenLake ecosystem because of the profitability that they have.

So our goal is to really start to offload and offset a lot more of that profitability to our partner ecosystem as they manage more and more customers across the board.

So we are going to continue to invest there. We will continue to grow not just the partnership and not just the incentives but also again we want to do much more lead generation and we want to do much more co-selling so that we can help support them as they continue to build out and grow their business.

So just know that the pivot is going to continue. It is going to deepen and it is going to expand so that we can make sure we continue to accelerate growth together. It is all about joint growth but it is also about solving these business problems for our customers. When it is HPE plus our ecosystem one plus one equals three.

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