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Look For ‘Much More’ HPE GreenLake Lead-Generation, Co-Selling: HPE GreenLake GM Keith White

Steven Burke

Hewlett Packard Enterprise GreenLake General Manager Keith White says partners can expect “much more” lead generation and co-selling as HPE accelerates its edge to cloud platform as a service sales charge.

What is GreenLake Lighthouse and what does it mean for partners?

Remember cloud services is what the customers are purchasing from us. It is not hardware. It is not componentry. It is not piece it together for them. They are asking us to deliver HPC as a service or virtual machines or containers as a service. So what we are delivering for them with Lighthouse is a cloud native solution that removes all that complexity and configuration and allows them to rapidly deploy and leverage multiple cloud services. So we are really sort of abstracting the requirements so they don’t have to worry about those types of things.

How does Lighthouse change how partners make money driving cloud services in the field?

It really helps the channel in the sense that they don’t have to go through all of the configuration and orchestration that they do today. We are basically creating workload optimized configurations for our customers. What it allows partners to do is to really focus on that customer challenge. What is the business problem we are trying to solve? What is the workload required? What is the industry solution they need?

It really allows partners to provide their expertise around that customer and really deepen the relationship they have with their customer and then really engage with them in a much stronger scenario. It is significant.

How does Lighthouse change the customer on premises cloud experience?

What customers care about is that SLA and that experience that they are getting. They want to have storage available when they need it. They want to be able to run their SAP with five nines. They want to be able to run their payment processing at a high capacity rate. They want to use something like Splunk to do risk analytics to really flow through pedabytes of information. That is what they are trying to do. It is not about which hard drive do I have.

So what we have done is we have worked with all of our partners very deeply to make sure that we provide optimized systems. And customers have choice. They have different size choices. They have different processor choices.

We want to make sure customers get exactly what they need. But what we really tried to really focus on the outcome which is that SLA.

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