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Look For ‘Much More’ HPE GreenLake Lead-Generation, Co-Selling: HPE GreenLake GM Keith White

Steven Burke

Hewlett Packard Enterprise GreenLake General Manager Keith White says partners can expect “much more” lead generation and co-selling as HPE accelerates its edge to cloud platform as a service sales charge.

Is there any comparable when you look at competitors with regard to how they approach on premises cloud or the edge?

I have yet to find anything that is comparable. We are taking the best of everything across HPE and we are optimizing that. We are partnering with folks like Intel. You’ll hear us talk about our silicon on demand. What this allows us to do is to is share multiple cores within a system and to only turn on those cores when they are required.

So for a customer that is purchasing software on a per core basis – an Oracle license or a SQL license. This is going to drastically and dramatically save them dollars because they are only going to have pay for those licenses when those cores are turned on versus the system itself. There is no other options out there like that.

With GreenLake Lighthouse we are providing workload optimized offerings. Most of our competitors are giving piece parts or they are putting together component parts if you will. We don’t see anything even close to any of this. This continues the innovation and the market leadership that we have been driving.

What kind of demand are you seeing for on premise cloud services?

We are seeing dramatic increases from our customers and from our partners. You saw last quarter we grew GreenLake (as a service order growth of) over 40 percent which is fantastic. The channel continues to grow in the high, high percentage range which is fantastic to see.

That’s because again the competition is so early days. What (Dell) Apex talks about is storage as a service. That is one of the core baseline things that you can do. That is not what customers are looking for. Customers are looking to digitally transform. They are looking to modernize their infrastructure. They are looking to solve their busines problems. What we are delivering is not just that base foundation, not just the platform components but all of these workloads and all of these industry solutions with an entire ecosystem.

You’ll hear from Qumulo. You’ll hear from Microsoft. You’ll hear from Veeam. You’ll hear from SAP. You’ll hear from Lusis. You’ll hear from Splunk. You can go down the list. We are bringing the industry forward and we are accelerating the industry forward. We welcome the competition because we want customers to have choice. But just know that we have got our foot on the gas and we are continuing to accelerate well past everyone else!

What is the difference between how Cisco approaches cloud services versus HPE?

We have seen a huge increase in our Aruba environment for quite some time. In fact, it has been one of the shining stars if you will of our earnings releases the last couple of times. We are starting to see market share increases. That is because customers are now going in and they are modernizing what they had in the past. They might have been running Cisco or something else in the past. Now they are saying what is the best option for me? Aruba has really provided that new cloud native, cloud service capability for them to move forward.

We are going to where the puck is going. We are not resting on our laurels. We are really moving the industry forward and we are seeing it on the networking front just as much as we are seeing it across the other workloads and solutions we are talking about.

Steven Burke

Steve Burke has been reporting on the technology industry and sales channel for over 30 years. He is passionate about the role of partners using technology to solve business problems and has spoken at conferences on channel sales issues. He can be reached at

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