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Oracle Founder Larry Ellison’s Trump Fundraiser: 5 Things To Know

Joseph Tsidulko

Oracle’s founder, executive chairman and CTO is reportedly preparing to raise money for the current president, Donald Trump, with a lavish golf outing in the Southern California desert on Feb. 19.

Past Politics

Since the early 1990s, Ellison has personally contributed almost $10 million to federal candidates, according to filings with the Federal Election Commission.

But in recent years, Larry Ellison has stepped up his political game—consistently ranking among the most active donors in Silicon Valley.

He’s contributed to both Republicans and Democrats in the past, but certainly leans to the Republican side of the aisle. In 2014, Ellison hosted a fundraiser for Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky at his Woodside, Calif. Mansion. Two years later, he was a major donor to Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, eventually pouring $5 million into a failed presidential campaign through a super PAC.

But until now, the Oracle founder has abstained from supporting Donald Trump’s political ambitions.

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