The 10 Coolest IoT Software Companies: The 2020 Internet Of Things 50

Innovative IoT software offerings are coming from a variety of vendors, from large cloud service providers to startups. What follows are the 10 coolest IoT software companies.

When it comes to IoT, innovation in software is paramount. Without that, businesses wouldn’t be able to build applications more quickly, create new lines of business or generate the insight they need to improve the way work is done. There’s a lot of room to deliver value in the IoT software space, whether it’s introducing no-code development platforms, improving the way devices communicate with each other or creating a standardized environment for edge computing infrastructure. And the offerings are coming from a variety of vendors, from large cloud service providers to startups.

What follows are the 10 coolest IoT software companies.


CEO: Tom Leighton

Cambridge, Mass.-based Akamai is taking its massive network of 240,000 edge servers across the globe to stand up new IoT services like IoT Edge Connect, which aims to help companies scale IoT deployments by improving the way messages are securely exchanged between devices.

Amazon Web Services

CEO: Andy Jassy

As the world’s biggest cloud service provider, Seattle-based Amazon Web Services is continuing to build out a wide range of capabilities for its suite of IoT offerings and services, which include recent updates like container support for AWS IoT Greengrass and the launch of AWS IoT Events.

Google Cloud

CEO: Thomas Kurian

With Cloud IoT Core, Mountain View, Calif.-based Google Cloud is giving customers the software necessary to connect devices and analyze data, whether at the edge or in the cloud, with use cases ranging from predictive maintenance and realtime asset tracking to smart cities and buildings.


CEO: Arvind Krishna

Armonk, N.Y.-based IBM is adding major new features across multiple products and services in the IoT space, such as Maximo Asset Monitor, a new artificial intelligence-powered offering for monitoring industrial assets, and TRIRIGA, a workplace management system updated with new AI capabilities.


CEO: Keith Steele

With support from Dell Technologies, Newcastle upon Tyne, U.K.based IOTech is taking an open approach to IoT with Edge Xpert, a commercialized version of The Linux Foundation’s EdgeX Foundry that aims to simplify and standardize edge computing architectures that support a variety of protocols and integrations.


CEO: Satya Nadella

Redmond, Wash.-based Microsoft is continuously expanding its IoT capabilities for Azure with substantial updates, whether it’s new industry app templates for Azure IoT Central or the launch of Azure Sphere, a new platform for improving security in power-constrained devices.


CO-CEOs: Christian Klein, Jennifer Morgan

Building off momentum from last year’s launch of the SAP Leonardo IoT platform, the Walldorf, Germany-based company is making more big moves in the space, which includes a new interoperability partnership with Amazon Web Services and a codevelopment partnership with Verizon for IoT analytics offerings.

Sight Machine

Co-Founder, CEO: Jon Sobel

San Francisco-based Sight Machine is taking an industry-specific approach with its digital manufacturing platform, which now comes with solutions for paper and tissue, packaging and chemicals manufacturing, giving them the ability to build a digital twin of their entire manufacturing process.

Wind River

CEO: Kevin Dallas

After moving out from Intel’s ownership in 2018, Alameda, Calif.-based Wind River is making major improvements to its industrial IoT portfolio, which includes the launch of the Wind River Helix Virtualization Platform and updates to its Linux and Kubernetes capabilities for the edge.


Founder, CEO: Said Ouissal

Santa Clara, Calif.-based Zededa wants to make IoT more open and interoperable through its Edge Virtualization X engine, which is based on the open-source Project EVE that allows organizations to run legacy applications in virtual machines while spinning new apps into containers.