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The 10 Hottest Cloud Security Startups Of 2021 (So Far)

Michael Novinson

The 10 hottest cloud security startups include companies providing centralized insights, anomaly detection and compliance across multi-cloud environments, and protecting AWS, Azure and GCP workloads.

Security On A Cloudy Day

Some of the security industry’s sharpest minds have over the past decade founded new companies to address everything from to finding security issues in public cloud infrastructure to anomaly detection and compliance across multi-cloud environments to workforce-level protection for Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

CRN has identified 10 cloud security startups founded since 2015 with at least $4 million in outside funding that stood apart from the pack thanks to new funding, the launch of partner initiatives, or key product enhancements or updates. Four of the top startups are based in California, three are based in Israel, and the remaining three are headquartered in Colorado, South Dakota, and England.

These companies are solving security challenges such as securing cloud-native workloads with in-memory protection, safeguarding the data lifecycle across cloud data stores, and providing centralized insights across on-premise, cloud, and SaaS environments. Here’s a look at how the 10 hottest cloud security startups have made their mark on the industry.

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