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The 2021 Tech Innovator Awards

Kyle Alspach

From among 373 applicants, CRN staff selected products spanning the IT industry—including in cloud, infrastructure, security, software and devices—that offer both strong differentiation and major partner opportunities.

Data Security


Proofpoint Information Protection and Cloud Security

With a focus on Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Proofpoint’s Information Protection and Cloud Security platform takes a people-centered approach to DLP by determining if a user who triggered a DLP alert is negligent, compromised or malicious—and then providing those insights to their organization in a timeline view. The cloud-native offering brings in telemetry from behavior, content and threat intelligence to generate an understanding of data loss scenarios for user profiles, assessing the risk of data loss from users. Other key capabilities include the ability to apply Proofpoint’s common DLP classification across channels, saving time and administrative effort, as well as awareness training modules on data loss for end users.


ALTR: Snowflake Cloud Integration

With ALTR’s Snowflake Cloud Integration, governance and securing of sensitive data is simplified and organizations are enabled to gain insights about consumption of sensitive data, set proactive governance policies and respond automatically to potential threats. The solution reviews all requests for access to data in Snowflake in real-time, and blocks any requests that show abnormal behavior or permissions.

Digital Guardian: Managed DLP Service for Midsize Companies

With its Managed DLP Service for Midsize Companies, Digital Guardian remediates attacks—both from external and internal sources—prior to sensitive data being put at risk. The solution leverages the Digital Guardian Data Protection Platform, which provides deep visibility, comprehensive classification and flexible controls.

The NetWitness Platform

The NetWitness Platform provides detection of compromises, understanding of the full scope of the issue and automatic response to threats. Key capabilities include improved visibility; integration of network data, logs, endpoints and IoT devices; and application of behavior analytics and threat intelligence to address threats.

Salt Security API Protection Platform

Using the company’s big data and AI engine to protect APIs against attacks across the entire lifecycle, Salt Security’s API Protection Platform offers capabilities that include API discovery, identification of API vulnerabilities and halting of API attacks—along with prevention of data-exfiltration, account takeovers and service disruption.

Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 Office v5

With a focus on secure backup for remote Office 365 user data, Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 Office v5 provides backup to any location across on-premises or cloud storage. The V5 release includes backup and recovery that is purpose-built for Microsoft Teams, providing a faster method for discovery and restoration of Teams data.

Kyle Alspach

Kyle Alspach is a Senior Editor at CRN focused on cybersecurity. His coverage spans news, analysis and deep dives on the cybersecurity industry, with a focus on fast-growing segments such as cloud security, application security and identity security.  He can be reached at

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