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The 2021 Tech Innovator Awards

Kyle Alspach

From among 373 applicants, CRN staff selected products spanning the IT industry—including in cloud, infrastructure, security, software and devices—that offer both strong differentiation and major partner opportunities.

Business Intelligence and Analytics


HPE CloudPhysics

Following Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s acquisition of CloudPhysics in February, the HPE CloudPhysics offering has been made available to partners as a tool to provide comprehensive analysis of on-premises IT environments—ultimately driving critical insights such as recommendations for infrastructure upgrades, application modernization and cloud migrations. The remote, agentless HPE CloudPhysics software provides continuous monitoring and analysis of IT environments, enabling partners to accurately forecast the impact of recommendations such as right-sizing a virtual environment, moving to the cloud or optimizing on-premise infrastructure. Key capabilities include extraction of configuration and resource utilization data at a granular interval—data that is then used to create a graph showing the current snapshot of a data center and identify optimization opportunities. HPE CloudPhysics also enables rapid time-to-insights for partners and customers, in as little as 15 minutes after set up begins.


DataRobot 7.1

For the DataRobot 7.1 enterprise AI platform, enhancements include the company’s new “No-Code AI” app builder, which enables users to rapidly turn deployed models into AI applications without the need for coding. Other new capabilities include MLOps Management Agents, which provide understanding on the state of remote models—regardless of where the models are running or how they were created.

NWN Carousel: Experience Management Platform

With its Experience Management Platform, NWN Carousel offers enhanced visibility, greater control and powerful analysis and reporting. The Experience Management Platform provides a unified view of a customer’s entire environment, ultimately offering business intelligence and analytics across contact center, unified communication, device management and security deployments.

Tableau Augmented Analytics

With the aim of making analytics accessible and useful for everyone, Tableau’s Augmented Analytics offers AI-driven analytics that enable a user to interact with data inside their usual work context. Key capabilities include automated modeling and natural language queries, allowing users—even if they’re new to analytics—to discover insights from data.

TIBCO Spotfire 11.4

For TIBCO Spotfire 11.4, there’s a major emphasis on making it easier for users to visualize the discoveries found in their data. The product features more than a dozen new customer visualizations that aim to make it simple for users to build, use and share their data visualizations.

Virtusa: vLife 6.0

With vLife 6.0, Virtusa provides healthcare and life sciences users with access to data science solutions featuring pre-trained machine learning models and snippets of code to jumpstart their work–as well as other tools and accelerators focused on their industries.

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