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The 2021 Tech Innovator Awards

Kyle Alspach

From among 373 applicants, CRN staff selected products spanning the IT industry—including in cloud, infrastructure, security, software and devices—that offer both strong differentiation and major partner opportunities.

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Wasabi Object Lock

With Object Lock, cloud storage firm Wasabi Technologies is providing enhanced data protection by enabling the designation of certain data objects as immutable—and thus unalterable and undeletable. This includes accidental actions or intentional actions such as in a cyberattack. Once the data is stored in Wasabi’s system, the data is guaranteed to stay there until the expiration of the lock—with users able to set a timeframe for the immutability of the object. Wasabi Object Lock ultimately prevents both malicious and accidental operations leading to data alteration or loss, with a simplified immutability process for storage administrators.



CTERA offers global file system technology that brings together local file sharing with cloud storage for centralization of data access and a high-quality experience from any location. Updates in CTERA 7.0 include a new method of file synchronization, CTERA Direct, which provides massive throughput of more than 30 TB per day per remote site.

Nasuni UniFS

Nasuni’s UniFS is a global file system cloud-native platform that enables rapid restoration of data to any point in time, and removes the need for additional backup, disaster recovery, remote access, and WAN acceleration. Key recent enhancements have included Global File Acceleration, which speeds up file synchronization across multiple sites by up to 5X.

Panzura CloudFS

With its CloudFS global file system, Panzura offers data management that is high-performance and enriched with intelligence, with the ability to treat cloud storage the same as a globally available data center—instantly making files consistent across locations.

Kyle Alspach

Kyle Alspach is a Senior Editor at CRN focused on cybersecurity. His coverage spans news, analysis and deep dives on the cybersecurity industry, with a focus on fast-growing segments such as cloud security, application security and identity security.  He can be reached at

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