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The 2021 Tech Innovator Awards

Kyle Alspach

From among 373 applicants, CRN staff selected products spanning the IT industry—including in cloud, infrastructure, security, software and devices—that offer both strong differentiation and major partner opportunities.

Storage - Software-Defined


Qumulo NvME-hybrid Architecture

With an aim toward solving the biggest data challenges currently facing organizations, Qumulo has rewritten the file system to offer a 100-percent software-defined approach bringing flexibility, simplified management and dynamic scalability. The company’s first-in-the-industry NvME-hybrid open architecture enables strong performance at a low cost. Capabilities include machine learning-driven intelligent caching that keeps the hottest data on the fastest media, while data that is not in use can be stored on lower-cost HDDs—providing both robust performance when needed as well as cost effectiveness. And all of this functionality is available without the need for human intervention.


DataCore Swarm

DataCore Swarm offers on-premises object storage providing simplification around management and protection of data—while enabling S3/HTTP access for all applications, devices and users. The solution ultimately turns data archives into easily accessible content libraries supporting remote workflows and scalability.

Fungible Storage Cluster

Leveraging the high-performance Fungible DPU microprocessor, the Fungible Storage Cluster is a disaggregated, scale-out storage platform providing up to 15 million IOPS. The platform’s strong performance allows for consolidation of workloads—enabling improved storage media utilization and a smaller footprint—while the platform also scales linearly to up to 300 million IOPS in a 40U rack.

Lightbits Labs: LightOS

With LightOS, Lightbits Labs offers software-defined storage that is disaggregated, NVMe-based and composable. The NVMe/TCP storage offering enables a more cost-effective version of the type of high-performance storage architectures used by hyperscale firms—with key capabilities including simplified scaling for capacity, enhanced efficiency and the ability to independently scale storage and compute resources.

VAST Data Gemini

VAST Data’s Gemini offering represents the transition of the company’s Universal Storage Platform to software-only—disaggregating the hardware and software sides and allowing partners to license infrastructure software based on capacity. The offering ultimately provides improved flexibility and a lower cost while maintaining the benefits of VAST Data’s cluster appliance model.

Kyle Alspach

Kyle Alspach is a Senior Editor at CRN focused on cybersecurity. His coverage spans news, analysis and deep dives on the cybersecurity industry, with a focus on fast-growing segments such as cloud security, application security and identity security.  He can be reached at

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