TI Offers First Look at Android Prototype

The Texas Instruments booth was a popular one this week at the Mobile World Congress conference in Barcelona, Spain. Attendees flocked to see TI's Android-based prototype device featuring its OMAP850 processor

TI stressed that the device is only a prototype, and it likely will be gussied up a bit before it's ready for public sale, but it didn't stop people from wanting to take a look.

The OMAP3440 processor chip, which is being used as the basis for TI's LogicPD Zoom Mobile Development Kit that was also showcased for the Android platform at the show.

Another look at the TI Android-based prototype device features the company's OMAP850 processor. Based on the previous generation OMAP730 processor, the OMAP850 adds support for 128Mb or 256Mb of stacked mobile SDRAM, according to TI, which makes it well-suited for space-constrained systems or for smaller, lighter mobile device designs.

The OMAP3440 is the first ARM Cortex A8-based applications processor to bring full HD camcorder functionality to mobile devices, according to TI. It will give users the ability to record high-definition video and utilize new applications enabled by larger displays in the latest handheld devices.

TI teamed with LogicPD to launch the OMAP3430-based Zoom Mobile Development Kit (MDK). The platform allows developers to quickly design on the OMAP 3 platform.

The development board includes TI's OMAP3430 applications processor, OMAP-Vox cellular modem, wireless connectivity technology, a 3-megapixel camera sensor, a 3.7" VGA TFT touch-screen display, TV output and more.

Itai Dadon, software strategy director for TI, talks with TI booth visitors during Mobile World Congress.

Pierre Garnier, Vice President and General Manager for Texas Instruments Wireless Business in Europe, speaks with the press during Mobile World Congress.