Quick Clicks: Lenovo ThinkPad X300 Notebook

Lenovo is nearing the formal launch of its ThinkPad X300 notebook, an ultra-slim device with full ThinkPad features. CMP Channel Test Center examined and tested the device, which could price for as much as $3,000 when it finally ships, and found it to raise the bar for business mobility.

The device is slim - between .73 inches and .92 inches from stem to stern and weighs less than 3 pounds. It's light enough to hold comfortably with just your fingers, or carry around all day long without feeling like you need a chiropractor.

Unlike the rival MacBook Air, the Lenovo X300 is built with a fully functioning, in-board DVD burner. In fact, it is built with just about all of the functions one would expect from a ThinkPad.

Speaking of ThinkPads, here is how the X300 (left) looks next to a ThinkPad T42 (right.) Yet, no major features were lost in shrinking the ThinkPad down by about 20 percent or so.

The X300 is built with three USB ports, Ethernet port (again, unlike the MacBook Air), a port for an extra monitor or projector. Even running for several hours, the keyboard and fan vent never really got hot to the touch, either.