Getting Cozy With Dell's Adamo

The Dell Adamo, the computer manufacturer's luxury notebook, launched this week and is scheduled to begin shipping on March 26. Adamo, which is Latin for "to fall in love with," was built with a focus on design. The notebook has a 13.4-inch screen, is 0.65-inches thick and weighs less than 4 pounds.

One of the likely sticking points for the Dell Adamo, however, is the price point. The "Admire" version of the notebook starts at $1,999. The upgraded "Desire" version of the Adamo is priced at $2,699. No matter which way a customer looks at the notebook, that's a lot of cash.

Because the Adamo comes prebundled with Windows Vista Home, it appears to be aimed at the consumer market. That doesn't mean solution providers won't be able to push the notebook if they get creative. The best option might be to include it as a deal-sweetener when closing a big sale, like icing on a cake.

The Dell Adamo is equipped with a 1.2GHz Intel Core Duo U9300 with Centrino technology. Draft-wireless N and Bluetooth 2.1 provide connectivity for users on the move. The Adamo includes 2 GB of DDR3 dual-channel memory but can be customized up to 4 GB. Dell also claims that the notebook will get 5 hours of battery life. The notebook sports two USB ports, one USB/eSATA combo port and an RJ-45 port. The Adamo comes preloaded with Windows Vista Home Premium Edition SP1.

Solid state drives are also part of the package, proving that the Adamo is doing everything it can to capture the current trends in computing. In addition, customers will be able to choose the color they want for the chassis -- pearl or onyx -- which is milled from a single piece of aluminum.