D&H: 10 Fresh Products For SMBs

D&H Distributing is known for its ability to constantly deliver breakthrough technology products to its partners. Here are 10 of the distributor's hottest products that are capturing the attention of solution providers.

Hats off to Asus for proving that PC design matters. This Intel Atom based system is all screen and no box. For an estimated street price of $600, you get a full-function PC featuring an Nvidia Ion graphics processor that gives a lot of punch to any and all images on a 20-inch, high-definition widescreen. If that isn't enough, you get 5:1 surround sound. Sounds good.

For system builders, the Asus P7P55 WS has the brains and brawn for the ultimate workstation. With a street price of about $240 you have the makings of a parallel computing workstation that delivers nearly 4 Teraflops of performance. That kind of power was housed in a data center 10 years ago. Now it's on your desktop. Have at it.

You've heard about the Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble's Nook E-Readers. But you're missing the boat if you haven't checked out Brokeen's Cybook Opus 5-inch E-Book Reader. Buyers love the sleek design and the fact they are not pushed directly to Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble. And the 200 dpi, 600 x 800 pixel panel screen makes even the most turgid Russian novel readable. With a street price of about $229, it's a better buy than the Kindle or the Nook.

You don't need a big bulky box on your desk to scan documents or marketing collateral for that important client meeting. The IrisPen handheld scanner is great for the road warrior. And the pen format makes it easy even for the technologically challenged to go digital. The IrisPen Executive 6 recognizes up to 128 languages, includes a voice synthesizer and has a street price of about $200.

Not all wireless routers are created equal. The NexAira Business Class product provides lightning 3G/4G speed with Auto-Failover, 100 percent redundancy and the ability to create an instant Wi-Fi hot spot anywhere from a mobile job site to a mobile command center.

All it takes is one touch for you to become a fan of the emerging touchscreen PCs. This MSI model features a 20-inch widescreen with a beefed-up graphics presence courtesy of the ATI Radeon 3200 Graphics Card and a Webcam that makes it easy to make those video calls using Google Voice. All this for about a $600 street price.

Netbooks are hot, and this bright blue MSI Wind Netbook features -- believe it or not -- MSI's own Easy Face identification software which allows you through an embedded Webcam to log on for security purposes via a face scan that prevents strangers from accessing your system if it is stolen, lost or left behind. For $330, this is a great solution for mobile workers carrying sensitive data.

Yes, it does pay to build your own systems, especially when you are using InWin's sleek and stylish piano black Mini ITX Chassis. This is slick enough for even the most jaded avant garde rocker/gamer. And with its $60 street price, it leaves you plenty of cash to fill the box with blow-your-mind computing muscle.

What distinguishes this Lenovo S10-2 Netbook with an art student bulls-eye design is a keyboard that feels more like a full-fledged desktop keyboard. At the same time, Lenovo made the S10-2 lighter at only 2.65 pounds. It's a great buy at a street price of about $350.

No list of fresh new products would be complete without a "flip" of the hat to the FlipVideo Mini HD. Everything you've heard about Flip is true. There is no easier way to shoot high-definition video and move it to the Web in an instant. This is worth every penny of the $199.99 street price.