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Dell's 9 Steps To Epic Fail In The Capacitor Disaster

CRN Staff

Profile Of A Meltdown

Ahh, unsealed court documents -- the gift that keeps on giving. Whether it’s the internal Microsoft e-mails made public in the Vista Capable case or Intel’s alleged strong-arming of computer manufacturers revealed in New York anti-trust proceedings, we’re often given an inside glimpse of high-tech giants that they desperately don’t want us to see.

Which brings us to Dell. Namely, the recently unsealed court filings that are part of Internet service provider Advanced Internet Technologies’ (AIT) lawsuit that alleges the computer maker knowingly sold AIT a bunch of Dell OptiPlex computers in the mid-2000s that had wonky motherboard capacitors with a staggering 97 percent failure rate. That case goes to trial Oct. 18 and if AIT wins, it could be awarded as much as $120 million in damages from Dell.

CRN has seen AIT’s brief against Dell and what follows is a run-down of all the things Dell allegedly did very, very wrong in the OptiPlex capacitor debacle.

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