The Best Mobile Chips Of 2010 (So Far)

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High-End Mobile CPU

The Core i7-940XM Extreme Edition from Intel runs a bit hot for a notebook processor at 55 watts, but this Clarkfield-class part promises to rewrite the rules for enthusiast-oriented laptops. How about a 2.13-GHz CPU that jacks up the clock to 3.33GHz when Intel Turbo Boost is engaged? Or four cores, eight threads, 8MB of L3 cache and 1333MHz DDR3 memory -- all in a mobile form factor? Wow.

Intel is listing the Core i7-940XM on its current price list and the product is shipping to OEM partners, but don’t expect to see systems until the third quarter.

Release date: Q2, 2010

Price: $1,098

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