Eight Alluring Accessories For Smartphones And Tablets

Accessorizing Your Mobile Workforce

Smartphones and tablets are working their way into the corporate world in a variety of ways. As the mobile device market continues to explode, users are looking for more ways to secure, protect, enhance and optimize their devices for travel and on-the-go productivity. Here are eight accessories for your smartphones and tablets.

Kensington BungeeAir Power

Kensington's BungeeAir series features a case for the iPhone that sends a signal to the BungeeAir Fob tether if the smartphone is lost or separated from the user's fob by more than 50 feet. The signal password-locks the iPhone screen and sends an alert to the BungeeAir Fob, which is similar to a car alarm Fob and can be attached easily to users' keychains.

The BungeeAir Fob can then be used to locate the missing iPhone by triggering an alarm on the smartphone. A free companion application allows users to customize the settings like alerts and tether distances. The BungeeAir Power, available for $99.99, comes with a battery case that provides four hours of extra power and enables the 2.4 GHz wireless tether signal. Kensington is working on similar cases for other smartphone brands.

Mophie Marketplace Credit Card Reader For iPhone

You can use your smartphone for many things these days, so why not a mobile credit card reader? Mophie's Marketplace Credit Card Reader can turn users iPhone's in a mobile payment solution, thanks to a light, low-profile case with a discrete card reader. The device is integrated with Inuit GoPayment and comes with a free GoPayment companion app. The Mophie Marketplace Credit Card Reader encrypts customer card data and provides e-mail receipts, too. Available only for the iPhone, Mophie's accessory is available for $79.95.

Jawbone Bluetooth Jambox Speaker

Jawbone's wireless portable speaker is an ideal peripheral for mobile workers. The device weighs about 12 ounces and measures 151 mm x 40 mm, so it's easy to transport. The Jambox Speaker can connect to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth and deliver high definition audio at up to 85 decibels. The device features a pair of proprietary acoustic drivers designed to produce high quality audio from a small form factors. The Jambox Speaker can be used from anything from playing music on the go or for conducting mobile conference calls. The Jawbone Bluetooth Jambox Speaker is available for $199.99.

Kensington SecureBack Security Case

The SecureBack case for Apple's iPad is based on a three-piece design and built with pry-resistant plastic. The case connects to Kensington's ClickSafe security anchor, which allows users to lock their iPads in one click like they would a traditional laptop. The SecureBack comes in two versions: one that comes with a 2-way extendable stand for typing and viewing angles, and one without the stand. Both models are bundled with Kensington's ClickSafe lock and cable that connects to the security anchor.

The SecureBack Security Case with the 2-way stand is currently available for $59.99; theClickSafe lock and cable is available for an additional $30. The SecureBack case without the 2-way stand will be released in two weeks, according to the company, for $49.99.

Kensington KeyFolio Pro Universal For Android Tablets

The newest edition of Kensington's KeyFolio keyboard cases for 10-inch tablets comes with a removable Bluetooth keyboard. The case can be converted into a stand for 70- to 20-degree viewing angels, and also features two sets of StrongFit corners designed to secure both large and small tablets. The removeable keyboard is touch-typist friendly and designed for an easy set-up on pretty much any flat surface. The KeyFolio Pro Universal is optimized for Android tablets and is currently available for $99.99.

Logitech Wireless Headset For iPad

Logitech's new wireless headset for the iPad features a sleek, over-the-ear form factor with a durable design that can be folded easily for travel. The Bluetooth wireless connection supports a range of up to 33 feet, and for users making conference calls via Skype or FaceTime, the headset comes with a noise-cancelling microphone that reduces background noise. The rechargeable battery lasts up to six hours, too. The Logitech Wireless Headset is compatible with the iPad as well as the iPhone (3GS and 4) and iPod Touch (second generation or later). The headset is available this month for $69.99.

Logitech Tablet Keyboard For Android 3.0

Another keyboard case for Android tablets, Logitech's edition is designed exclusively for Android 3.0 devices. The removeable keyboard us supported by Bluetooth wireless and has a range of up to 30 feet; the keyboard, which is powered by four AAA batteries, is compact yet includes dedicated media controls like play, pause and volume settings. The case itself can be adjusted for either landscape or portrait mode. The Logitech Tablet Keyboard for Android 3.0 is available for $69.99.

RocketFish Car Mount For iPad 2

We're not advocating that users operate their vehicles and surf their iPads at the same time. But the RocketFish Car Mount for the iPad 2 is a compelling accessory for any road warriors who want comfortable, easy access to their tablets. The mount is designed to fit any car seat's dual-post headrest and offers adjustable viewing angles in either landscape or portrait mode. The accessory can also be used as a protective case and hands-free viewing stand. The RocketFish Car Mount for the iPad 2 is currently available for $59.99.