10 Weird, Wacky And Wonderful Things To See At CES 2012

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Oddly Named Products

Trek 2000 International, a Singapore-based firm that sells anti-piracy, compression and the thumb drive encryption devices, will be launching a new Wi-Fi SD card that lets users transfer photos and videos between a camera and a PC or another device. The company is partnering with Toshiba to distribute the product.

It sounds great, but there's just one problem: The product is called FluCard Pro. Really? That’s the name they went with? It just seems like a tough sell to name your product after a nasty wintertime affliction, even more so because we're in the midst of flu season here in the U.S.

Trek 2000 International is also launching Ai-Ball, which it's billing as the world’s smallest portable Wi-Fi remote video camera, at 1.4 inches. It's designed for use with smart phones, tablets and laptops. Check it out at CES Booth 49024 in the Las Vegas Hilton.

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