10 Hot Items From CES 2012 Opening Night

CES 2012 Blasts Off

The 2012 Consumer Electronics Show didn't officially start until Monday, but members of the press got a sneak peak at some of the hottest products and most compelling gadgets at CES Unveiled Sunday night. From waterproof mobile devices and solar-powered technology to the latest in laptop bags, here's a look at 10 items that caught our eye on opening night.

Fujitsu Arrows Waterproof Tablet/Smartphone

It's not CES these days without a few waterproof products. Fujitsu indulged us this year with not just a smartphone but also a tablet that can withstand being submerged in water. The Wimax-equipped smartphone doesn't come in a bulky protective case. Instead, the ES IS12F Android phone is slender at just 6.7mm thick and carries a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor. The Arrows ES IS12F comes with Android 2.3 but isn't available outside of Japan yet.

Fujitsu also showed off an Arrow's waterproof tablet. The 10.1-inch device comes with Android 3.2 and a dual-core CPU, and along with being resistant to water, the Arrows tablet also has a hand gesture control feature that gives users the ability to interact with the touchscreen without actually touching it. No word on pricing or availability for the Arrows tablet.

RFA Brands Powerbag

The Powerbag is designed for those times when your laptop, smartphone or tablet (or all three) are running low on juice and you just can't seem to find an electric outlet. Equipped with its own charging system, the Powerbag has a battery, Apple connector, and USB ports that can charge up to four devices at once. The Powerbag backpack is currently available for approximately $139.99.

Withings Smart Baby Scale

French technology company Withings has come up with a new wireless-enabled appliance: the Smart Baby Scale. The product can connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and transmit the data to parents' computers or mobile devices using the WiScale App. The Smart Baby Scale can be configured to automatically update social media networks like Facebook and Twitter, too. The product will be available in the second quarter; pricing not yet announced.

Zensorium Tinke

A personal health product, the Tinke is a small tab that plugs into your smartphone and allows users to track their heart rates, respiratory rates and the level of oxygen in your blood. How? By simply putting your finger on the tab, Tinke collects your health metrics and can store the data, share it friends and family members and even track trends. Pricing and availability not yet announced.

Hex Varsity Messenger Bag

Hex's Fleet Collection of laptop bags features a new "techcessory" called the Varsity Messenger bag, which can hold both a laptop and tablet securely and comfortably. The Varsity Messenger has a "PadPort" on the side that allows users to store their iPads, for example, but still watch video, search the web and use apps. And when you're not using your tablet, the bag's flap acts as a protection cover for the tablet screen. The Varsity Messenger comes in 13- and 15-inch versions, both for $79.95.

ZOMM Lifestyle Connect

ZOMM's new Lifestyle Connect is a keychain-size device that's designed to keep you in contact with emergency services and trusted friends and family members. With the press of a button, the Lifestyle Connect alerts someone in your network in the event of an emergency and works with any Bluetooth-enabled phone; if your friends or family aren't around, the device can alert a "Personal Safety Concierge" that's on call 24/7. And if your phone is out of reach, the Lifestyle Connect device itself can call your personal safety concierge via a built-in speakerphone. The Lifestyle Connect goes on sale this June for $199.99.

Kivic One

In a physical device around the size of your smartphone, the Kivic One can stream audio and video to just about any display through AirPlay, DLNA, and Wi-Fi -- and that includes vehicle displays. The company showed off the Kivic One with a car monitor, making the device a wireless gateway for in-vehicle entertainment. The Kivic One is compatible with most major smartphone makers like Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Research In Motion, HTC and Motorola. The product is expected to launch this spring for around $200.

Siragon All-In-One PC

It's not every day that you see a PC designed by a luxury car maker. But that's what you have with Siragon, a Venezuelan computer manufacturer with aspirations of going global. Its new Series 9000 all-in-one (AIO) desktop has a unique -- and very slick -- design, courtesy of BMW. The AIO features a 23-inch LED, full HD display and comes with Intel's Sandy Bridge Core processors, a futuristic-looking wireless keyboard and mouse, and a TV tuner and remote control. Sadly, the Series 9000 AIO isn't available in the U.S. -- yet. The company said it hopes to bring the product to North America in the future at an as-yet-undetermined price point.

Invoxia NVX 610 Desktop Phone

Desktop phones usually aren't very interesting -- after all, everyone has a mobile phone these days, so what's the point? But French technology startup Invoxia has made a compelling case with its new NVX 610, which uses an iPhone, iPod touch or even an iPad as its control interface. Simply plug in your Apple device and you can start making VoIP calls (rather than calls through your wireless carrier network). The device also merges your mobile phone contacts with the desktop phones contacts so users can enjoy one unified list. The Invoxia NVX 610 boasts a sleek design, seamless integration and high quality audio. The desktop phone is currently available for $599.

MVC/Belkin Dyle Mobile TV

Belkin has teamed up with the Mobile Content Venture (MCV), a consortium of television broadcast companies, to bring live TV to mobile devices through MCV's Dyle Mobile TV service. Using Belkin accessories (such as a small, 30-pin dock connector for your iPhone or iPad), smartphones, notebooks and tablets will be able to received live TV broadcast signals the same way a television in your living room would. The two companies said Dyle Mobile TV will feature broadcasts from 72 stations in more than 30 markets across the U.S. MVC says the Dyle Mobile TV service will launch sometime this year; no word yet on pricing or availability for the Belkin accessories.