Celebrating The GPU: Seven Take-Aways From Nvidia's GTC 2012

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Gaming Takes To The Cloud

To Nvidia, gaming is serious business, which means it's just as deserving of the latest-and-greatest technologies as the rest of the PC industry.

That's why it used its GTC 2012 event to unleash its new GeForce Grid technology, which lets gamers stream games from the cloud onto a series of displays, such as notebooks, TVs, tablets and smartphones.

According to Nvidia, many early iterations of cloud gaming platforms perform slowly or, worse yet, sacrifice the quality of the graphics. But with GeForce Grid, Nvidia said it has made game streaming "as common as renting a movie online," with features such as low server latency and reduced power consumption.

And, the chip maker said, graphics quality of course will be top-notch with the inclusion of Nvidia's next-generation GeForce GPUs.

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