Safety First: 10 Cool New Cases For The iPhone 5

New Phone, New Look

The new iPhone 5 may be faster than its predecessors, but it's also thinner and longer, meaning that case you used for the iPhone 4S just went out the window.

So to protect your new phone from all those dreaded bumps and bruises, consider a new case, such as the 10 listed here. Whether you're looking for something sporty, professional or just down-right slick, this lineup of cases is sure to keep your iPhone 5 safe, without completely botching its style.

Bear Motion's Lambskin Leather Case

Bear Motion's Lambskin Leather case strikes the perfect balance between style and practicality. It's made out of premium lambskin leather, and comes with strategically placed cutouts that let users access the iPhone 5's buttons and ports without even taking it out of the case.

What's more, Bear Motion's $20 case comes with slots for credit cards and cash, meaning it's basically an iPhone case and a wallet all rolled into one.

Gumdrop's Drop Tech Case

Despite its revamped design, the iPhone 5 is no doubt just as breakable as its older siblings. Make sure yours stays safe and crack-free with Gumdrop's Drop Tech cases.

With multiple layers of protective casing, the Drop Tech series offers full shock absorption, drop protection and "extreme ruggedness," providing peace of mind for even the clumsiest of iPhone users. These built-tough cases also come with reinforced rubber bumpers and an integrated screen cover for extra durability.

Gumdrop's new iPhone 5 cases come in red, black or green, and they sell for $44.95.

XtremeMac's Microshield Stand Case

Want the luxury of using your FaceTime app hands-free? Snag one of XtremeMac's new Microshield Stand cases for the iPhone 5.

This little gadget doubles as a durable, hard plastic case for your iPhone and an integrated stand that can prop the phone up for instant, hands-free use. The stand is ideal for watching videos or chatting over FaceTime, and when not in use, it can be folded with ease back into the case. The Microshield Stand case is available on XtremeMac's website for $28. It comes in gray, turquoise, red, pink and pearl.

Incase's Sports Armband Case

Turn your iPhone 5 into your new gym buddy with Incase's Sports Armband case.

Redesigned to fit the iPhone 5's new thinner, longer design, Incase has dubbed its Sport Armband case as the "ideal training partner." It includes a touch-enabled screen cover that not only blocks out dirt and dust, but keeps sweat at bay too. The band is adjustable to fit arms of all shapes and sizes, and it has enhanced breathability for extra comfort. Little reflectors are even included for those late-night runs.

Incase offers the Sports Armband case on its website for $40.

MakeDirect's Custom Luxury Case

Can't decide what you want your new iPhone case to look like? Be part of the design process yourself by opting for a Custom Luxury Case from MakeDirect.

Users not only can choose from the custom- and hand-made cases but also opt to engrave their own names (or any text, for that matter) to make it even more unique. With a choice between two beautiful, natural finishes, Dark Walnut or Rich Mahogany, users can rest assured that their new case is constructed out of only the highest quality wood.

MakeDirect's Custom Luxury Cases start at $139.

BoxWave's Keyboard Buddy Case

One of the most buzzed-about features of the iPhone 5 is its new and improved display -- so why taint it with all those pesky fingerprints?

Keep your new iPhone smudge-free (at least while writing emails and texts), with BoxWave's iPhone 5 Keyboard Buddy case. A fully integrated, slide-out QWERTY keyboard lets users do all the typing they want without mucking up their iPhone's screen. Plus, the case comes with an onboard battery that's chargeable by a micro-USB cable, meaning the iPhone 5 can run for up to two weeks without needing a charge.

The Keyboard Buddy is available in black on BoxWave's website for $90.

Shine Aztec's Mirror Case

When the iPhone 5's high-resolution, front-facing camera isn't enough to make sure that broccoli is out of your teeth, consider Shine Aztec's new case with a built-in mirror.

This $34 case can be flipped open like a book to expose an integrated mirror for checking your looks on the go. It’s made of faux leather, but it still includes a layer of padding and has a strap to secure it closed for extra protection. Shine Aztec offers the case in a variety of colors and funky designs and also throws in a free screen protector sized specifically for the iPhone 5.

Incase's Slider Case

Incase's Slide Case is unique in that it offers top-notch protection for the iPhone 5, without looking bulky or feeling awkward in your hand. Its two-piece hard-shell design provides end-to-end coverage, while still allowing for direct access to all buttons and ports.

The bottom half is removable, so users can charge their iPhones without having to completely remove the case. A shock-absorbing guardrail is also included for extra protection.

Incase's Slide Case comes in black or white and sells for $35.

Otterbox's Defender Case

Otterbox's Defender Case has a little bit of something for every iPhone 5 user. It provides robust protection with its solid, end-to-end plastic covering, and it has a built-in belt clip that's great for users on the run.

A clear screen protector is also thrown in the mix, along with little tabs that help keep lint and dust out of the iPhone 5's ports. You can get one in range of colors from Otterbox's website, starting at $49.95.

Grove's Bamboo Case

For the eco-friendly iPhone 5 users, there's Grove's Bamboo case, which is constructed from 100 percent post-consumer fibers and renewable bamboo.

According to the Portland, Oregon-based case maker, each of Grove's cases is hand-made and stronger than ever thanks to a new plant fiber core that is fused to the bamboo exterior. Grove oversees every step of the process, from the milling to the gluing to the sanding and soaking, ensuring that its top-notch cases are not only beautiful but also just as sturdy as the plastic ones.

Grove's cases are available now for pre-order online, starting at $59. Custom engravings are also available.