CES 2013: Don't Discount These 10 Awe-Inspiring Displays

On Full Display

Televisions may have been the talk of CES 2013, but their PC-enabling monitor siblings had a great show as well. The much-talked-about 4K resolution has begun its leak down the technology chain. In addition to that, there were some great touch-tastic monitors, as well as a few commercial displays that are nothing short of wow.

Samsung Series 7 SC750

It isn't much of a spoiler, but there aren't going to be very many nontouch displays on this list. The Samsung Series 7 earns its place on the list by mixing features that normally don't get mixed together. The 1,080p monitors are stylishly designed, a quality that doesn't often lend itself to monitors meant to be used in a multimonitor setup. But Samsung nailed it. The Series 7 would look great in portrait or landscape mode on many a desk. Pricing has not been revealed, and its launch is slated for some time in the first quarter.

LG EA93 UltraWide

This 21:9, 29-inch monitor is easy on the eyes. The 1,080p (2,560 x 1,080) display would do an amazing amount of justice to the latest blockbusters. LG has gone beyond the obvious, though. The EA93 is packed with software that allows four different applications to be pinned to the display. Think Aero Snap (circa Windows 7), but apps will snap four ways instead of two. It's a thoughtful addition that adds some practical value to a gorgeous picture. While the EA93 will launch in Korea next month, the rest of us will have to wait for a sometime-in-2013 launch.

HP U160 Portable Monitor

HP has an interesting proposition for road warriors craving a multimonitor setup. This USB-powered portable 15.6-inch monitor has an iPad-like leather case that allows the monitor to be propped up at various angles. The screen has a standard-issue 1,366 x 768 resolution but counteracts that dull spec with a ("dull" in a good way) matte screen. The U160 will be available later this month for $179.

Toshiba Half-Height Display

The stunning "windows to the world" is a bit of an enigma. It featured prominently at the Japanese giant's booth but has gone unmentioned in every press release related to the show. The display's slide show of vistas, however, was stunning. The resolution was unlisted, but it wouldn't be a surprise to discover that the display was of the new 4K vanguard. The mysterious Half-Height Display had no price or launch date either, but hopefully that information will be released soon.

Sharp IGZO Touch Monitor

Sharp's IGZO Touch Monitor is a next-gen machine. The 32-inch, 4K monitor is a sight to behold -- likely because it is targeted at the medical field rather than consumers. The IGZO touch will run close to $6,500 when it launches in the second quarter of this year. A non-touch model will launch in the first quarter for roughly $1,000 less.

Sony Personal 3D Viewer

Sony has taken a second crack at its Personal 3D Viewer. Refinements include a sleeker, lighter design and the removal of the 5.1 earmuffs that were attached to last year's model. With comfort in mind, Sony is recommending a solid pair of earbuds to complement the headsets' pair of 0.7-inch OLED screens. The device retails for $900, but it just doesn't retail in the U.S. What a shame.

Samsung Transparent Showcase

Straight from the future, Samsung's transparent showcase is an advertiser's dream. It's essentially a glass box for a product, but the front panel is a 22-inch transparent screen. That screen can go from opaque to totally transparent at a moment's notice, concealing and revealing the encased product at its whims. This is something to see in person. Don't be surprised to see it at a high-end retailer in the very near future.


LG's industrial design is understated but still very noticeable. In this case, the ET83's white base has a Nintendo-like white gloss that isn't often seen in desktop electronics. Other than that, it's a touchable, 23-inch, IPS 1,080p display. Pricing and availability are forthcoming.

HP Envy 27

The understated design of the LG ET83 is something to admire, but so is HP's Envy 27 -- for the opposite reason. The touch-friendly monitor has a chinlike speaker bar that touts Beats Audio functionality. The monitor is large and in charge. The display is a 1,080p IPS and looks to be as good as, if not better, than many similar monitors on the market. Hopefully that speaker bar counts for more than most monitor speakers. It will be available on Feb. 3 for $499.

Mitsubishi CyberTouch

Mitsubishi's CyberTouch displays have been on the market for quite some time, but watching folks at CES play electro-pong on the giant horizontal display was intriguing. Unfortunately, even if the CyberTouch looks like it's just for fun, its price tag proves that the display is commercial-grade and aimed squarely at the medical market. The CyberTouch clocks in above $10,000.