InFocus Launches 55-Inch, All-In-One Touchscreen PC

The BigTouch

InFocus plans to launch a 55-inch touchscreen all-in-one PC running Windows 8. The large-format display solution is aimed at the education and healthcare markets as well as other digital signage solutions, according to the company.

The BigTouch, pictured here, is the second all-in-one PC developed by InFocus. In late 2011, the company released Mondopad, which runs Windows 7. Here's a closer look at what might be the largest all-in-one running Windows 8 on the market.

The Specs

The BigTouch includes a 1080p HD display, Intel i5 processor, 4 GB RAM, two HDMI ports, two Ethernet ports, six USB ports and four cameras in the bezel to pick up touch. A wireless mouse and keyboard also come standard, according to Heidi Kayser, corporate marketing manager at InFocus. Solution providers can also add customized or industry-specific software to make it a more marketable solution to customers, she said.

"We see it being perfect for any business that likes to have a large-format display," Kayser said.

The Price

The BigTouch will retail for $4,999 and be available next month, according to InFocus. While its cousin the Mondopad includes a camera, sound bar and its own proprietary software, the BigTouch allows users to take advantage of the touch-friendly features of Windows 8 to add any software they choose. "BigTouch is for users that didn't find a lot of value in the [Mondopad] software we provide. They want to add their own software," Kayser said. "You might have a classroom that already has software for smart boards. You can integrate that into the BigTouch."

The PC

The PC is "about the size of a dime-store novel," Kayser said, and it fits into a slot in the back of the display and is held in by two screws. InFocus made it removable so that solution providers or customers could swap it out for an upgraded PC in the future.

"You won't have to replace the entire system, just the PC. Instead of buying a $5,000 piece of equipment again, you only need to replace part of it. It's truly future proofed," Kayser said.

The Opportunity

InFocus sees potential for the BigTouch in schools and healthcare facilities, Kayser said.

"As a reseller, you can do two things. You can sell the product and call it a day, or you can create customized solutions. A few examples being discussed around the office are for education customers and teachers that are comfortable using smart board technology," she said. "For digital signage, you can build it into podiums, or if there is medical software that the reseller may want to add or provide, you can certainly do that."

Solution providers also might think to add Microsoft Kinect or other cameras to further create custom solutions for BigTouch, she said.

The Future

Known traditionally as a display manufacturer, InFocus is looking to broaden its focus and become known for its all-in-one devices too, Kayser said.

"Our owner [John Hui, who purchased the company and took it private in 2009 under Image Holdings Corp.] has an extensive background in PCs. He was the co-founder of eMachines, which was sold to Gateway, and he was a stakeholder in Packard Bell," Kayser said. "The individuals at a high level have a lot of PC experience."

Pictured here, it shows that the PC fits inside the back of the display.