Father's Day Gift Guide: 25 Great Tech Gift Ideas For Dad

It's A Dad, Dad World

Father's Day is right around the corner and this year you can skip the standard tie and socks. Instead, celebrate by giving that dad, uncle or grandpa in your life the latest and greatest tech gadgets. From a tech-ready pocketknife to a golf-swing analyzer, the list that we have compiled features 25 cool tech gifts that are both practical and fun.

Take a look at these tech-savvy and useful options that we'll be sharing with our fathers on this Father's Day.

Victorinox Swiss Army Flash

This red, classic Swiss Army knife is a pocketknife that comes with a twist. The Victorinox Swiss Army Flash is equipped with a removable flash drive and various tools such as a screwdriver, nail file, knife and scissors. Attachable as a keychain fob, dad won't leave the house without this novelty. The Victorinox Swiss Army Flash also has a ballpoint pen and LED flashlight.

List Price: $220

Password Vault

It can be difficult remembering passwords for several different accounts. However, with Password Vault, dad will only have to remember one password to access all of his passwords. This tiny electronic "vault" is small enough to fit into a pocket, and securely stores website addresses, usernames, ATM PINs and up to 400 passwords. After five unsuccessful attempts to access the passwords, there is a 30-minute information lockout. The Password Vault's slide-keyboard is also great for adding text notes about a password entry.

List Price: $49.99

Pac Man Arcade Machine Cocktail Table

If your dad loves old-school arcade games and cocktails, this is the perfect present for him. While doubling as a cocktail table, the Pac Man Arcade Machine Cocktail Table features 13 classic arcade games, including Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Galaga, Rally X, Mappy, Xevious, Galaxian, Pac-mania, Rolling Thunder, Bosconian, Dragon Spirit, Galaga 88 and Dig Dug.

This eye-catching and retro arcade machine will compliment any family room, game room or man cave, allowing dad to recreate his arcade game experiences right in his own home. This arcade machine and cocktail table is equipped with a 19-inch LCD screen, authentic arcade controls and commercial-grade construction, just like the originals.

List Price: $2,999.99


Perfect for the golfer dad, SwingTIP is a golf-swing analyzer. Weighing at just an ounce, this device slides and clips onto any gold club. By swinging the club with the device turned on, it uses wireless motion sensors to record and improve any golf swing. Once clipped on, SwingTIP stays in place securely, auto-calibrates for different types of clubs, and even auto-detects right- and left-handed golfers. This device automatically records videos of any swing in 3-D and utilizes an app to make comparisons, examine body posture and mechanics, and pinpoint flaws. Using Bluetooth, the SwingTIP transmits data to an iPhone, iPad or Android device to help dad improve his golf-swinging techniques at home, on the range or on the course.

List Price: $129.99

Samsung 5.1 Channel Home Theater System

For the movie-buff dad who wants to be completely immersed in a film, this gift is it. The Samsung 5.1 Channel Home Theater System is a surround-sound speaker system that provides an amplified, powerful sound. It is equipped with five speakers (two of the rear speakers are wireless), a subwoofer and a remote. By connecting to an HDTV, the Samsung 5.1 can be used for movies and television. Dad also can browse the web and play music from online music-streaming services, an iPod, an iPhone or other Bluetooth devices. This home-theater system uses Samsung's Smart Hub to access online streaming apps such as Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus and web browsers by using the built-in Wi-Fi or plugging in the receiver to the home network.

List Price: $399.99

Husqvarna Automower 230 ACX

Tidying up the yard can be hard and tedious work but it's still somehow satisfying for dad. To help him tackle the lawn, give him the gift of the Husqvarna Automower 230 ACX, a robotic, remote-controlled lawnmower. With this lawnmower, dad won't have to perform the actual task of mowing. The Husqvarna Automower can mow lawns up to three-quarters of an acre and is equipped with an antitheft alarm, backlit keypad and display. This weatherproof lawnmower can be used in rain or shine and works discreetly and quietly. The Husqvarna Automower also releases no harmful emissions because it works by charging electrically.

List Price: $2,699.95

Vizio 65" Class LED Smart TV

Your dad deserves to watch his movies, television shows and games on a crystal-clear, high-definition television set. The Vizio Class LED Smart TV is a giant 65-inch 1,080p full HD set that provides sharp details and also uses LED technology for brighter and more luxuriant colors. Its slim outer frame is minimal at most so dad can immerse himself. This smart television is also equipped with Vizio Internet Apps with built-in Wi-Fi to access streaming movies, TV shows, music, social media sites and news. To make searching easier, there is a built-in keyboard in the smart remote. This built-in keyboard also allows texting to friends and playing video games.

List Price: $1,499.99

Roku 3 TV Player

This is an excellent gift for dads who are not only movie buffs, but also video-game fans. The Roku 3 is the latest streaming media player that dad can attach to his HDTV. Roku 3 delivers Internet content, such as videos, apps and games, built-in 750-plus entertainment channels, as well as Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO GO, Pandora and Amazon Instant video. There is also access to free movies and TV series from Crackle. It plays 720p HD and 1,080p HD videos. This little box is easy to set up; all dad has to do is simply plug it in, connect it to his TV and follow the instructions on screen. The Roku 3 comes with a remote with a headphone jack, in-ear headphones and motion control for games.

List Price: $99

Brydge iPad Keyboard

Perfect for dads who travel, the Brydge iPad keyboard is lightweight and made of an aerospace-grade aluminum keyboard that matches the exact look and feel of an iPad. By bridging this keyboard to an iPad, it seamlessly turns the iPad into a mini laptop. This keyboard also has built-in stereo speakers and Brydge's patent-pending hinge, which allows the positioning of the iPad at any angle. Once closed, the iPad and keyboard are set to sleep automatically.

List Price: $119.99

2600mAh Flash Charger

After using an iPhone or tablet all day, sometimes a little more juice is needed when it comes to recharging. And if dad has nowhere to charge his device, this 2600mAh Flash Charger is a perfect portable solution. Available in black, ink, green, gold, red or silver, this compact charger easily charges with a USB output and MicroUSB input. Flash Charger can add up to 40 hours of extra battery life and can charge iPhones, iPads, e-readers, digital cameras, and Motorola and Samsung devices.

List Price: $59.99

Sonic Over Ear Headphones

For music-loving dads, these Sonic Over Ear headphones will give him the sound quality he deserves. Available in white/iron or black, these greatly designed headphones have titanium audio drivers to help deliver outstanding acoustics with a clear and natural sound. The earcups are fit for the natural ear shape and provide maximum sound isolation from outside noises. With suede-covered memory foam, the headphones are comfortable for long listens.

List Price: $79.95 (originally $149.95)

Logitech Harmony Ultimate Remote

Who's in charge of the remote control tonight? With the Logitech Harmony Ultimate remote controller, dad will surely be in charge. Swap the traditional family remote with this customizable touch-screen remote. It can control an entire home-entertainment system, from switching between movies to controlling game consoles such as PS3, Wii or Xbox360 and to streaming online subscriptions like Netflix and Hulu Plus. To charge, simply plug it into its recharging station. This remote can control up to 15 devices and works with at least 5,000 brands and 225,000 devices. With the Harmony app it even turns any smartphone into a Harmony remote, which allows for family members to have their own customized layouts.

List Price: $349.99

Nikon D7100 DSLR Camera

Whether dad likes to take pictures of nature, architectural buildings or family members, the Nikon D7100 will surely impress him. This DSLR camera takes great image-quality photos with quick autofocusing and high ISO abilities. The D7100 has a 3.2-inch LCD screen with a 24.1MP sensor, 51 autofocus points, dual SD card storage and creates 1,080p HD video.

List Price: $1,196.95 (for the body only)

Customizable Shiatsu Back Massager

Sitting in an office chair for a long period of time can be uncomfortable. Let dad relieve his muscle pain and tension with the Customizable Shiatsu Back Massager. This massager fits perfectly onto an office chair and is customized for height and relief of every ache. This massager features a quad roller, dual-action massage that travels up and down, and soothing heat for a relaxed massage. The laser-etched flat-panel remote is equipped to implement six different programs and comes with a convenient carrying bag as well.

List Price: $179.99

iolo System Mechanic

Your dad won't need to go to the body shop for this kind of mechanic, instead iolo System Mechanic is just for his PC. With no time for lagging computers, this PC tune-up software will use its patented performance technology to repair and speed things up. It will accelerate a personal computer's startup, Internet speed, program operation and gaming performance. It also removes unnecessary junk files and wipes away sensitive Internet and chat history for an antiseptic PC. With this piece of software, it will diagnose and repair at least 30,000 different PC problems and also block malicious programs and deficient settings. System Mechanic is compatible with Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP.

List Price: $39.95

HP Slate 7 Tablet

For Father's day, give dad a gift that he'll be using constantly. The HP Slate 7 is a 4.1.1 Android-powered tablet. This device is equipped with a 7-inch screen and its edges are encased in a stainless-steel frame. The Slate 7 tablet has a 3-megapixel rear camera and front-facing VGA camera. This tablet is also integrated with Beats Audio software, which is perfect for dad to listen to his favorite music.

List Price: $169.99

Charcoal Companion's Amazing Handheld Bug Zapper

Not intended as a toy, but might as well be one. As summer is just around the corner, this bug zapper is a handheld device that will come in handy. Shaped like a tennis racket, the Amazing Handheld Bug Zapper takes care of irritating flying pests. With no harmful chemicals or sprays, this bug zapper easily "zaps" pesky insects just by swinging it through the air. This electronic bug zapper is powered by two AA batteries.

List Price: $12.99

Nike+ FuelBand

For health- and fitness-conscious dads, the Nike+ FuelBand will surely be beneficial. This weightless wristband tracks everyday activity, including running, walking, dancing and playing basketball. The FuelBand keeps tabs on activities so dad can track his progress and set goals all by utilizing a Nike+ FuelBand app that syncs with the band. It is available in black, black ice or white ice.

List Price: $149.00

Backup Battery

Compact and slim, this Backup Battery is just what dad needs when his cellphone runs out of power. If he forgets to pack his charger or has nowhere to charge, this battery will come in handy. This quarter-inch thin battery is small and slim enough to fit inside a wallet's credit card slit. Made of lithium-ion, it is equipped with a micro USB port and extends a phone's battery life by 25 percent. Most Android and BlackBerry phones are compatible with this convenient gadget.

List Price: $29.95

Brookstone HDMI Pocket Projector

Dad will want to show off this gift to his family and friends. Brookstone's HDMI Pocket Projector is a compact and portable projector that connects to smartphones, tablets, computers and video players via HDMI cable. Dad can project homemade movies, theater movies and sports clips with this device. This projector has a built-in rechargeable battery with two hours of battery life, 85 lumens LED lamp and 1-watt speakers. If louder sound is needed, there is also an auxiliary input to plug in optional speakers. The Brookstone HDMI Pocket Projector is equipped with a HDMI cable, micro HDMI adapter, mini HDMI adapter and AC adapter.

List Price: $299.99

Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 App-Controlled Quadricopter

Dad may be a bit old for toys, but this is one toy he'll definitely have fun with. The Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Quadricopter is a flying device that is controlled by a free downloadable app for an iOS or Android device. This quadricopter can fly up to 165 feet and perform advanced stunts ordinary RC helicopters can't. With its front-facing camera, dad can see what the quadricopter is seeing from up in the air. It also records 720p HD videos and stills that can easily be shared online to YouTube and Picasa.

List Price: $299.99

BrewMaster Home Brewing Beer Machine

If dad appreciates the craftsmanship and fine taste of well-brewed beer, this is the perfect gift for him. Brookstone's BrewMaster Beer Machine will brew, ferment, carbonate and dispense beer all from one machine. This machine features a temperature gauge to measure the temperature inside, and a pressure gauge to measure the amount of carbonation being created during fermentation. There are also six reusable bottles and caps to fill up dad's creations and an attachment for bottling so the beer stays protected from exposure to open air.

List Price: $109.99 (originally $134.00)

Nest 2nd Generation Learning Thermostat

It's common to hear any dad emphasizing to never touch the thermostat. The Nest 2nd Generation Learning Thermostat will ensure that dad has control. This thermostat allows for the controlling of a heating or cooling system right from a mobile device with its built-in Wi-Fi connectivity including mobile phones, tablets and computers. Most heating and cooling systems are compatible. Its auto-schedule feature allows the thermostat to program itself just by adjusting to the most preferred temperature. There is also the auto-away feature that switches to an energy-efficient temperature when away from home. Help dad save money on the energy bill with this digital thermostat.

List Price: $249.99

ZOMM Wireless Leash Plus

This kind of leash isn't for a puppy or a toddler; instead it's for dad and his phone/keys. The "alarmingly smart" ZOMM Wireless Leash Plus is the ultimate gift for dads that are a bit forgetful. This compact device can be added onto a set of keys and be wirelessly linked to any Bluetooth phone. Vice versa, if dad misplaces his keys, he can use his phone to find it. This wireless leash also comes with emergency assistance by pressing one button to get in touch with 911.

List Price: $79.99

Orvis iPad Case

For dad's treasured iPad, this durable case is great for traveling. Made from Tennessee-tanned steer-hide leather, the Orvis iPad Case in brown is soft but strong. It is equipped with a vintage WWII 45 ACP holster-snap closure and is compatible with first-, second- and third-generation iPads. Dad will surely use this quality case for iPad generations to come.

List Price: $159