Introducing Atom C2000 'Avoton': Intel Builds Server, Storage, Networking Partnerships

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Fremont, Calif.-based Quanta QCT unveiled the S1M, an ultra-dense microserver platform that can be configured with up to 42 Intel Atom C2000-based nodes per server.

The S1M microserver system features Quanta's “Hidden-Shelf” chassis design, which places 24 server sleds in a row in the front of the chassis and 18 in the hidden shelf behind the first row, making it easy to access and service the nodes from the cold aisle.

They also feature the OCP (Open Compute Project) Open Rack form factor for improved energy savings, thermal efficiency, density and serviceability in hyperscale and other cloud-ready data centers.

Also included is the 1+1 redundant hot-swappable Intel Ethernet Switch FM5224 to aggregate all networking traffic among the 42 server nodes and provide two 40-Gbps. Ethernet connections.

Mass production of the S1M is targeted for the first quarter of 2014.

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