The 10 Biggest CPU/GPU Stories Of 2013

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7. Nvidia Claims Its GPU Is World's Fastest

Nvidia's release of the Tegra 4 SoC, a quad-core chip with a significant graphics boost, shipped with nearly the same CPU performance as its predecessor Tegra 3, but it delivered a whopping 72-dedicated graphics cores, compared to the 12 from Tegra 3. Tegra 4 was a success for Nvidia in 2013, finding it's way into over a dozen tablets including Microsoft's Surface 2 along with slates made by HP, AsusTek, Toshiba and Nvidia's own Tegra Note tablet.

Nvidia struggled to crack the smartphone market, but with the release this past year of the Tegra 4i, its first fully integrated 4G LTE mobile processor, it could make some headway in early 2014, when the chips are slated to ship.

Along with a flurry of desktop GTX cards from Nvidia this year, Nvidia announced an all-Kepler GeForce GTX 700M series aimed at notebooks ahead of Intel's Haswell chip release. Nvidia claimed its GeForce GTX 700M series chip architecture is the "world's fastest notebook GPU," singling out and surpassing AMD's Radeon HD 8970M.


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