15 Strange Things You Can Get 3-D Printed Right Now

No End In Sight

There's been heavy chatter over 3-D printing for some time now and the potential around it for everyday home use by consumers. New companies and businesses have formed around the technology and specialize in selling a variety of 3-D-printed items ranging from fashionable goods to items for the health-care industry.

The list of items that can be printed continues to grow. Here's a new set of 3-D-printed items to marvel at. Also, check out our earlier roundup of interesting 3-D printer creations from CES and see what distributors are saying about 3-D printing.

That's Not Trash!

The Ekocycle Cube isn't cool just because will.i.am says so. The 3-D printer, a collaboration between 3D Systems, Coca-Cola and the Black Eyed Peas singer (who also serves as 3-D Systems chief creative officer) recycles plastic from soda bottles into wearable accessories and smartphone cases, among other things.

As will.i.am says: "Waste is only waste if we waste it."

Printed Nails

Online 3-D printing service provider Shapeways bills itself as an online marketplace to let just about anyone interested in 3-D printing bring their ideas to life and then sell them online.

Take The Laser Girls, one of the sellers that set up shop on Shapeways.

The Laser Girls sells 3-D-printed nails ranging from the Black Castle offering to a Chevron-printed set.

A Little Bit Edgy

It was only a matter of time before someone crafty figured out 3-D printing and started selling wares via Etsy.

The seller "shhark" is selling 3-D-printed filigree skulls decor and iPhone cases made from a blend of nylon and glass powder.

Haute Couture?

Brooklyn design lab Continuum specializes in software-based fashion and 3-D printing. It's the next-generation fashion house for the digital age.

Its store currently features a $275 bikini top and $250 geometric wedges, among other items.

For The Musician

In the age of customization, why shouldn't guitar picks be custom-built for fingertips?

Etsy seller BionicGuitarPicks offers an alternative to the traditional pick that sits on a musician's thumbs.

Hearing Aids

EnvisionTEC, with North American headquarters in Dearborn, Mich., makes printers that are used to produce hearing aids. The company said its EnvisionTEC Digital Shell Printer can produce more than 30 hearing aid shells in 90 minutes.

The company said it services more than 60 percent of the hearing aid market.

Optimizing For Sport

Athletic brand Nike got into the 3-D printing fold when it debuted its Vapor Laser Talon football cleat. The shoe, while not entirely printed, features a special plate on the bottom of the shoe that was made with a 3-D printer. Nike said 3-D printing let it create shapes not possible through traditional manufacturing.

Fresh Fruit

Dovetailed's 3-D-printed fruit may look more like gelatin, but it's apparently the real deal. The U.K.-based design studio said in May that it developed a 3-D printer that mashes liquid with other flavors to create real or new fruit flavors.

Let There Be Light

The thought of home design, designed and created right from home, is a novel idea. That may not be the norm just yet, but one Etsy business, SturlesiDesign, sells a variety of 3-D-printed lamp designs.

For The Chocolate Lover

Anyone with a sweet tooth may have rejoiced if they heard 3D Systems' news earlier this year that it teamed with The Hershey Company for a multiyear joint development agreement to look into the possibilities of chocolate and non-chocolate products made from consumer and prosumer 3-D printers.

For the Martha Stewart in You

Into baking? 3-D printing has the baker in you covered. SimplusDesign, a Brooklyn business that sells 3-D-printed products, sells a wishbone cookie cutter set.

For Science

Organovo, a San Diego-based company specializing in 3-D bioprinting, revealed positive results from a study on 3-D-printed human liver tissues. The printed tissues managed to fight off drug-induced liver injury, according to the company.

The company's shares shot up on the disclosure.

Prosthetic Accessories

San Francisco startup UNYQ wanted to offer fashionable options for leg prosthetics and sells 3-Dprinted fairings, or covers that surround a prosthetic.

The company, about a month old, has design studios in San Francisco and Seville and offers 30 different fairings for sale.

A 3-D Selfie of Sorts

Mixee Labs lets its customers design custom products that it will then print out using a 3-D printer. It also sells customizable products from its website. Among those are the Mixee Me bobble heads.

For $25, you can create a cartoon version of yourself that's made of 3-D sandstone.

Sit Up Straight

3D Systems, the same company that wants you to recycle and reuse soda bottles with its eco-friendly printer, also wants to help with posture.

The printer manufacturer recently wrapped a pilot program for its Bepsoke Braces, a custom back brace aimed at kids and young adults diagnosed with scoliosis.

The brace was tested on 22 patients at Children's Hospital of Oakland.