10 Cool Wearables Worth Checking Out Now

Wearables At CES Unveiled

At CES Unveiled New York, held on Nov. 11 by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), media members and attendees got to check out some cool, new up-and-coming tech gadgets, some of which have yet to even hit the market.

While many of these items will be at the main CES event held in Las Vegas in January, we got to get a sneak peek at some interesting items that will be at the show.

While some exhibitors showed off new tablets or chargers, there was a plethora of new wearable technology at the show. Some items are set to make a splash in the health and fitness field, while others are aimed to be more fashionable for techies.

Here are 10 cool wearables seen at CES Unveiled New York.

iFit Active

The iFit Active is a 3-and-1 health tracker helping users eat better by logging their food intake, sleep better by monitoring sleeping pattern and, of course, logging users' activity and helping them be fit.

The iFIt Active counts calories, steps and distance, while also showing the difference between calories consumed and calories burned. Users also can send messages directly to each other to plan workouts, or help motivate each other.

The small and comfortable wristband syncs with your device via the iFit Track app and comes in four different colors.

Price: $79

Withings Activite

What's the deal with this casual watch? It's sort of a stretch to call just any watch a "wearable" device right?

That is true, but this isn't an ordinary watch. The Withings Activite looks like an elegant or casual watch you can wear to a formal event, but it is also an activity tracker and can analyze your sleep.

This watch can track your steps, distance and even identify and log your swim workouts. The Activite is water-resistant to up to 164 feet of water.

By syncing the watch to your iOS or Android device via Bluetooth, users can track their activity on the Health Mate app.

The Withings Activite's battery life lasts for over 8 months, and the watch itself hits the market at the end of November and is available for preorder today.

Price: $450

Bragi Dash

As the company says, it's not a wearable as much as it is a "hearable." The Dash by Bragi fits in your ear as an earbud and has no wires or cables. Bragi packs into this small, comfortable earbud, in ear headphones, 4 GB of space for up to 1,000 songs, a fitness tracker, heart-rate monitor, a microphone and Bluetooth connectivity.

Users can sync The Dash to their smartphones wirelessly to play music. It can also be used as a Bluetooth headset to take and make calls.

You can drag or tap the tip of one of the earbuds to control the music or calls while it's in your ear. Bragi is taking preorders now before shipping in early 2015.

Price: $299

Adidas MiCoach Fit Smart

The MiCoach Fit Smart by Adidas is a lightweight fitness band made with a soft silicon strap.

It has a heart-rate monitor, counts calories, measures pace and speed, distance and gives a stride rate.

The Fit Smart syncs with any iOS or Android device via Bluetooth on the miCoach train and run app, where users can track their workouts, goals and have access to free cardio, strength and flexibility plans.

The device is available now and comes in two different colors.

Price: $199

Jaybird Reign

This very light and thin fitness band barely looks like anything more than a rubber bracelet, but it definitely is.

Reign tells you how much sleep you need nightly based on your activity that day. It also features a hear-rate monitor. With its Go-Zone feature, the Reign app tells you when your heart wants to be active the most. It syncs with iOS devices and will be supported on Android in January. Reign has a waterproof warranty and over five days of battery life.

Price: $199

LG G Watch R

LG's new smartwatch was on display at CES Unveiled New York, and it is impressive. The stylish round-faced smartwatch has a stainless steel body and multiple strap options.

The Android Wear device supports the OK Google digital voice assistant, can give you realtime directions, and push notifications for messages, calls or social media alerts. It also supports all Android Wear apps.

The G Watch R is also a fitness band as it has a heart-rate monitor and can count your steps.

Users can opt for multiple different watch face options and can sync to any Android device running Android 4.3 or higher.

Price: $299


Valedo is designed to help those who suffer from back pain, and those who are looking to prevent back pain.

Valedo is an app approved by physicians and chiropractors that involves users wearing small sensors that stick to their chest and lower back.

After the sensors are attached, users act as their own controller for a video game that requires them to bend their spine in ways that act out a healthy exercise.

In one game, users control a bird that is following a yellow trail that they have to control with the motions of their spine. The levels in the game are designed to make the user perform spinal exercises to win. When the exercises are done incorrectly, the game informs you what is being done wrong, and they lose the game.

Price: $359.99

Polar V800

In addition to the basic heart-rate monitor, step-counting and calorie-counting features of most fitness bands, the Polar V800 brings some more advanced abilities to the table.

The high-end fitness band offers an orthostatic test to determine the user's level of conditioning and how the heart responds. The device will show how well conditioning has improved when the test is repeated.

The device also features an integrated GPS, gives motivating feedback after exercises and the amount of rest needed for optimal recovery.

The Polar V800 syncs to Windows PCs, Macs, and both iOS and Android devices via Bluetooth.

Price: $519.95


The GymWatch sensor takes precise data from workouts and feeds it to a user's mobile device instantly. It also provides realtime personal coaching and analysis of training.

Users can strap the GymWatch sensor to their leg or arm, and perform workouts. In the app, users can pick which muscles they want to exercise, and the app will display appropriate workouts for the user to perform. The GymWatch can detect if the exercises are being done correctly and give feedback.

If a user opts not to work out with their mobile device, the sensor will store the workout data to be accessed later.

Price: $199

VISIJAX Commuter Jacket

VISIJAX Commuter Jackets are high-end cycling jackets that have motion-activated LED lights, making them perfect for cycling at night.

The jackets feature turn signals that are motion-activated and self-canceling. With 23 LED lights, the jacket allows for cyclists to be more visible even during the day.

The jacket is rainproof and breathable, with all wiring going through the seams of the stitches making it comfortable to wear.

Price: $156.71