Home Sweet Home: 10 Innovative Automation Devices

High-Tech Home Devices AT CES

In a preview event to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January, CES Unveiled New York had some interesting and innovative devices, many falling in the field of home automation.

Home automation is really starting to take off as many competing brands have some great offerings in the space. Some features in home security include users being able to watch home security cameras from their smartphone when they're not even in the same country, locking or unlocking doors from their phone, and turning on and off your lights when they're not at home.

Other technologies offer high-end innovations in everyday household items including locks and even outlets.

Here are 10 cool home automation technologies seen at CES Unveiled New York.

Alarm.com Smart Home Security

With the Alarm.com security platform and mobile app, a smartphone becomes a remote for the entire house. No, not TVs and radios, but lights, locks, garage door, thermostat and more.

With the Alarm.com platform, users can arm and disarm their security system from the phone, adjust their thermostat, watch footage from security cameras set up around the house, all without even being at home. Users can have control of their house without even being in the same country.

The app offers energy management settings as users can set up schedules for their thermostat and turn off electronics such as lights if they forgot to do so before leaving the house.

Withings Home

This device and free app allows users to keep an eye on their home. With an HD video camera, Withings Home gives users surveillance of any area of the home they desire. Users will have access to the camera via their iOS device, and can keep tabs on their home camera from anywhere.

Withings Home can be set up to send push notifications to a smartphone via the mobile app if its motions sensor or audio sensor are alerted. The device also promotes healthier living with its Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), temperature and humidity sensors, and will send smart alerts whenever any of these reach dangerous levels.

eGeetouch Smart Locks

eGeetouch's smart locks use NFC technology to unlock or lock a variety of locks. Locks for suitcases, doors, padlocks and more allow users to wave their phone over the lock to lock or unlock the device without fiddling with keys or entering a combination.

eGeetouch also offers NFC tags that can unlock the devices by being in close proximity to the locks.

The locks are water-resistant and have a battery life of three years.

Pulse by Sengled

The Pulse by Sengled is a smart bulb featuring a dimmable LED light that hides within it a JBL Bluetooth speaker.

With a Bluetooth device, users can control the dimness or brightness of the bulb as well as the volume of the speaker. Users also can stream music and podcasts from their device onto the bulb's speaker.

The app that comes with the device is supported by both iOS and Android.

The Pulse by Sengled comes in red, white or grey.

Wally Home

Wally Home is a platform that is designed to prevent dangerous incidents in a home from taking place.

Small mobile sensors are planted throughout the home without being attached to any wiring. These sensors detect water leaks, changes in humidity and notable temperature changes. Once an issue is detected, users will receive push notifications to their smartphone.

The sensors are connected to the cloud to constantly ensure the house is being monitored.

Wally Home prevents dangers including leaks and molds from occurring, and can connect users to immediate help if needed.

Fibaro Motion Sensor

This device is designed to act like and even look like the eye of the home.

The Fibaro Motion Sensor includes a temperature sensor, light sensor and accelerometer. It will change color depending on the temperature of the room that it's in, and it will tell users if there is movement in certain rooms of the home while they're away.

The device can count how many people have entered or left a home, and if they are guests, it can turn the ventilation up or down automatically depending on the number of people. As part of the Fibaro home automation system, the Motion Sensor can be set up to slightly open windows in the home, and send video feeds to a user's mobile device for security purposes. The battery of the device lasts for up to two years and can be installed almost anywhere.

Brio Outlet

The Brio Outlet is the first product of its kind as it is a smart outlet that can detect the difference between a plug drawing an electric current, a child's finger or a metal wire that is being put somewhere it shouldn't.

This is a real solution to making homes safer, especially those with children. While current models prevent electrocutions, future models of the Brio Outlet set to be released next year will be include sensors to alert users via push notifications to hazards such as smoke, flooding and the presence of carbon dioxide.

Smart Charge

The Smart Charge is a light bulb with its own backup battery power. When a residence is hit with a power outage, it might be the only one on the block that still has the lights on.

The bulb replaces the 40-watt light bulb and is more energy-efficient. The battery in the bulb is rechargeable, and recharges automatically when in the socket and the power is on in the home.

If the power goes out and users want to turn off the bulb, they just hit the light switch.

Amaryllo iCam HD Pro

This full HD video camera features object tracking, multiviewing and 360-degree rotation, making it a great innovation in the field of home security. Users can sync the camera to their mobile devices and watch the video stream from anywhere.

Users will have a clear picture and never lose track of what they are watching with object tracking. Users also can control the swivel on the camera from their device as it has a full 360-degree rotation.

Fuz Noke

The Noke is the world's first Bluetooth e-padlock. Users can use the Noke Android or iOS app to lock their Noke padlock, which works just like a regular padlock to lock chains, gates, etc..

Users also can grant a third party access through the app by sending a one-time, permanent or custom setting for access to the lock. If a smartphone dies or the phone isn't available, users can use a tap code to unlock Noke without their smartphone.