10 Cool Accessories To Enhance Your Apple Watch

Accessorizing Your New Accessory

The arrival of the Apple Watch inched closer as pre-orders for the long-anticipated watch began Friday and in-store previews opened for Apple's newest product.

But as customers begin to order their new smartwatches, they may also be tempted to peruse the bevy of third-party accessories that have popped up along with the innovative device.

From battery life to watch durability, these accessories aim to solve any potential concerns that customers may have about the Apple Watch. Following are 10 interesting new accessories to add on to Apple's new gadget.

10. Reverse Strap

Reverse Strap is intended to enhance Apple Watch's battery life, which powers one day of use. The product is a silicon band with embedded lithium polymer cells and a charging cradle, which fits between the watch and the user's wrist.

This strap extends the battery life of the watch up to 120 percent, according to Reverse Strap. While Reverse Strap's design is still being tweaked and there is no firm release date yet, the product is up for pre-order for $249.99.

9. Nomad Pod

Nomad, which also specializes in phone cables, batteries and accessories for Pebble Watch, has taken advantage of Apple's new product by creating the Pod for Apple Watch, a charging hub for the new watch that fits in the user's pocket.

The pod packs an 1800 mAh lithium polymer battery that can provide up to four full charges of the Apple Watch, according to Nomad. This device can also be plugged into other USB-powered electronics' Type A or Type C USB ports for charging.

The pod, which comes in space gray or silver, is available for pre-order for $59.95, and ships June 15.

8. Griffin WatchStand

Griffin Technology, which specializes in cases and accessories for wearables, among many other mobile devices, is offering WatchStand, a charging dock for the Apple Watch.

WatchStand, which is priced at $29.99, cradles the watch to charge it through its Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable. The device has a simple design and erases concerns of unneeded, tangled cords for charging.

7. DODOCase Charging Stand

DODOCase focuses on stands and cases for Apple devices, such as tablets and phones, as well as devices from other vendors. Most recently, the company came out with a luxury charging stand for Apple Watch, a stand made of California American Walnut with a weighted steel base.

The case includes a travel mode for customers to easily wrap their cable and charger in one package, and is available for pre-order at $69.95.

6. Waterfield Time Travel Case for Apple Watch

Waterfield's case for the Apple Watch provides a plush pocket to fit the watch in, as well as a main pocket for smartphones or Bluetooth earbuds. The case fits the Apple Watch for customers who want to take the watch off while they are on the go.

The leather case comes in a variety of colors, including green, black and red, and is available for pre-order at $49.

5. Rest Composure Dock

Rest has joined the third-party accessory vendors creating a charging dock station for the Apple Watch with its Composure Dock.

This dock includes a MagSafe inductive charger, which the Apple Watch can snap into and charge with. The dock is made of walnut with a sleek steel undercarriage for a heavy foundation. The Composure Dock is up for pre-sale at $79 and ships within 60 days of the first deliveries of the Apple Watch, Rest says.

4. Mega Tiny Screen Protectors

Mega Tiny is offering screen protectors for both the 42 mm- and 38 mm-based Apple Watch. The protector is a clear-view wrap with TouchScreen compatibility. This thin screen cover is designed to protect the Apple Watch display screen from shatters and smudges, and can be bought for $6.99 on Amazon.

3. Actionproof's The Bumper

Actionproof has come out with a protective case compatible with the 42 mm Apple Watch called The Bumper.

The Bumper offers protection for the watch through a 350-degree rubber shock absorption casing pad fitting around the device, according to Actionproof. The Bumper also does not affect the watch's key functions, such as its wrist sensors, digital crown, and TouchScreen, the maker says. Pre-orders for The Bumper begin Friday.

2. Lunatik Apple Watch Kit

Lunatik created its own rendition of an Apple Watch protective cover with a premium rugged protection system for the 42 mm version of the device.

The kit's design includes hydrophobic vents to provide an added layer of protection, as well as an aluminum housing case to surround and protect the watch from scratches, Lunatik says. The watch kit is still being developed, and is coming soon to KickStarter, according to the company.

1. Bandstand Apple Watch Dock

BandStand has created a fully integrated charging stand aimed at easy, accessible Apple Watch charging on the user's bedside table. BandStand's dock is compatible with different Apple Watch band styles, creates an interchangeable charging platform, and also works for phones and tablets, BandStand says.

The product's charging dock can be adjusted so that users can look at their watch from any angle while it rests on the stand, the maker says. BandStand will be available in summer 2015.