Review: GammaTech's Durabook S15AB Sports Big Display, Thin Body -- And Is Built For Abuse

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Durable With A Dash Of Sexy

Rugged notebooks are following the overall laptop trend: They are getting thinner and lighter -- and sporting bigger and better displays. GammaTech's latest offering delivers all of that. Its Durabook S15AB, which began shipping this month, weighs in at nearly a pound less than its predecessor (S15H), is a half-inch thinner and adds over an hour of battery life.

GammaTech's upgrades come with a price -- the S15AB has a starting price of $2,000, compared with last year's comparable S15H model, which sells for $1,400. That's still a great price for a dedicated vertical-market rugged notebook. For the extra $600, GammaTech S15AB is a class act, delivering a stress-tested laptop that defies the stigma that rugged equals boxy, hefty and slow.

CRN took a closer look at the S15AB that targets manufacturing, government and mobile workforce markets. Here is what we found.

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