30 Hot Gadgets To Help You Cool Down This Summer

High-Tech For High Temps

Everyone's excited about summer -- which officially begins Monday -- as well as the high temperatures, gorgeous beach days and lots of vacation time that come along with it. But you'll be even more excited about the latest and greatest gadgets that can help you make the next few months the greatest summer ever.

CRN has the lowdown on the hottest high-tech gadgets to help you cool down this summer, from Samsung's new water-resistant Galaxy S7 Active phone, suited for a trip to the beach, to the newest GoPro Hero, which you can bring along to capture the views on a summer hike.

Here are 30 high-tech gadgets to make the long, hot days of summer more enjoyable.

Dog & Bone's Wetsuit Impact iPhone 6s Case

When you're outdoors in the warm weather all day, it's way too easy to shatter your iPhone or get it wet at the beach. Dog & Bone's Wetsuit Impact $80 case for the iPhone 6s -- $90 for the iPhone 6s Plus -- helps prevent that, with flexible glass impact screen protection. This slim case has a military certified rating that protects your phone from water and is shock-proof from drops of up to 6.6 feet, according to the maker.

The case is available in black, orange or white, and features a rubber bumper for a second layer of shock protection, grip and style.

JBL Flip 3

No pool party is complete without music -- and JBL's Flip 3 speaker provides high-quality audio while staying safe from that one friend's large cannonball splash.

The $80 Flip 3 portable speaker connects to Bluetooth, so it can wirelessly stream music from mobile devices, and has a splash-proof design, so you don't have to worry about rain or spills (you can even clean it with running water -- just don't fully submerge it, according to JBL). The speaker itself offers 10 hours of continuous, high-quality stereo playtime -- so you can keep the pool party running all day.

GoPro Hero Session Camera

Are you camping or heading out on a hiking adventure? The $199 Hero Session GoPro camera lets you take full advantage by recording the jaunt on a high-quality camera or film. This camera is the smallest and lightest GoPro model and has one-button control and a rugged, waterproof design, GoPro says, allowing the camera to work in up to 10 meters of water.

The device works with all mounts and includes intelligent battery use. The camera captures 8-megapixel single photos and can capture bursts of photos.

ZeroLemon Solar Charger

Speaking of camping or hiking, if you're heading out on a long adventure but want to make sure your phone stays fully charged, ZeroLemon's Solar Charger may be the answer.

This portable solar battery has two juicy options -- a $40 10000mAH model and a $29 20000mAH model -- and is compatible with iPhones, iPads, Samsung phones and more. When you're not using it and are instead lugging it around during a trip, the device easily fits into bags, but is also rain resistant and shockproof, according to ZeroLemon. And after you use it, you can load it up with juice again by recharging it under the direct sunlight.

Watershot Pro Line Housing For iPhone 6

The Watershot Pro for the iPhone 6 helps you simultaneously protect your iPhone (or iPhone 6s) from water and transform it into an effective camera.

With optical-grade glass lens elements and lens ports, the $170 Watershot Pro allows you to not only turn your iPhone 6 into a camera, but also bring it into the water with a housing that protects the screen and phone body up to 195 feet underwater, the maker says.

PhoneSoap 2.0

Whether you are outdoors in the country or traveling around new cities, there's one thing you might not realize is getting dirty -- your smartphone. Luckily, there's a product out there to keep your iPhone 6 clean -- PhoneSoap. This $60 product is the only phone charger that cleans while it charges, using pure, clean UV-C light instead of heat, liquid or chemicals to kill germs.

A user simply puts an iPhone in the case, which has two UV-C lamps that produce a wavelength of light that the maker says kills germs on the phone surface.

Kindle Voyage

Buy a Kindle e-reader for easy, portable access to thousands of books during your next overseas cruise or trip to the beach.

The $199 ultrathin Kindle Voyage with 300 ppi display features high-resolution e-pages, a new adaptive front light and a weeks-long battery life. Kindle Voyage includes PagePress sensors with haptics, a customer-designed force sensor that reacts to pressure and allows quick page turning. And if it's extra sunny out, Kindle contains the brightest, highest resolution, Amazon says, so you can still read outside.

Underwater Audio Waterproof Headphones

With the heat of the summer comes sweat -- and lots of it -- especially when you are working out. Gear up for fitness treks this summer with Underwater Audio's waterproof headphones, which are water resistant and designed to be used in, under and around water.

These $40 rugged swim buds comes with a waterproof audio extension cord and high audio quality, and are designed so they are firmly lodged in the ear, according to Underwater Audio. They can be worn under the swim cap while swimming in the pool.

Galaxy S7 Active

Samsung recently took the wraps off its Galaxy S7 Active, a rugged version of its latest smartphone designed for high performance and durability in rough environments, and just right for summer days in the outdoors.

The Galaxy S7 Active, available on AT&T Next starting at $26.50 for 30 months or on AT&T Next Every Year at $33.13 a month for 24 months, can withstand hard drops, water and dust, according to Samsung.

The smartphone also retains several features of the original Galaxy S7, including its Android operating system, its 5.1-inch display, and features like Samsung Pay -- and has an even bigger 4,000 mAH battery.

FitBit Flex

If you love to use your summer weekends for hiking in the mountains, going on long walks or exploring new cities, track how much exercise you are getting on the way with the $100 FitBit Flex.

The waterproof FitBit Flex tracks all-day activity -- including steps, distance and calories burned -- as well as down time, so you can monitor your sleep, all from a companion app on your smartphone. Its battery keeps it going for up to five days, so you can wear it for a camping trip in the wilderness without worrying about charging.

SurfStow Waterproof iPhone Pouch

Protect your iPhone during beach days with more than a zippered food storage bag -- the SurfStow waterproof iPhone pouch is designed to prevent water damage and is IPX8-certified to protect the smartphone up to 100 feet underwater, according to SurfStow.

The $13 transparent pouch, which is compatible with the iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5, features a simple SnapLok at the top, so you can easily open it up.

Voltaic Converter Solar Backpack

The Voltaic solar backpack is another great way to stay charged while you are on a weeklong hiking or camping trip. This $129 backpack needs only six hours of sunlight to fully charge a smartphone, and doubles as an effective waterproof case.

And if it's a rainy day, you can rely on a 4,000 mAH universal USB battery for backup power.

Portable USB Humidifier

A humidifier is a summer essential, especially in air-conditioned environments, whether you're at home, in the office or traveling. But humidifiers can be expensive -- except for this portable USB humidifier. Place it on top of a full water bottle and plug it into a USB port for instant comfort.

This humidifier, which provides relief for cold symptoms and adds fresh moisture to the air, is powered by USB 2.0 or USB 3.0, is small enough to carry around to hotels or the office, and costs just $30.

Bird Photo Booth 2.0

Summer brings out every bird-watcher's favorite activity -- keeping tabs on the birds that frequent their backyard feeders. Bird Photo Booth 2.0 can help you enhance this activity by taking close-up photos of the various birds that make their way to your bird feeder.

On the outside, this device looks like a regular feeder, with a stainless-steel bird food bowl and aluminum platform, but it contains a Bluetooth remote control for iOS and Android smartphones to easily snap photos of birds -- all for $60.

Paper Towel USB Charger Hub

If you are embarking on a cabin vacation with the family, make sure that everyone stays fully charged while staying clean with the Paper Towel USB Charger Hub.

This $50 hub features 4 USB ports protected in a water-resistant base, so your family can charge their Apple or Samsung phones using USB cords. The hub, stowed under a paper towel dispenser, comes with a detachable power cord for easy portability, and fits standard paper towel rolls.

iGrill Meat Thermometer

Summer is the best season for cookouts -- and why not make your grilling experience a little easier with the iGrill Meat Thermometer?

iGrill's rugged, Bluetooth Smart meat thermometer connects to a companion app on iOS and Android smartphones to keep tabs on anything from a quick steak to a long smoke. The $99 thermometer itself contains two professional-grade probes for monitoring two temperatures at once.

Parrot Flower Power

Gardening's another enjoyable activity for gorgeous, warm weekends. Enhance your gardening experience so you don't get too overwhelmed with the Parrot Flower Power, a sensory tool that assesses plants' needs and sends alerts to the smartphone.

This $60 device can be stuck in a pot or in the ground, where it monitors and analyzes the four parameters essential to plants' health -- sunlight, temperature, moisture and fertilizer -- and sends that data to a companion app that is compatible with iOS or Android.

iOttie Easy One Touch 2 Car Mount Holder

Get prepared for long car trips to your vacation home with iOttie's One Touch 2 Car Mount Holder.

This device allows a user to mount a phone in a car -- whether it's an iPhone, a Samsung Galaxy or a Google Nexus -- for safe use of GPS functions while driving. The $30 holder attaches to a telescopic arm with a mounting system to lock the phone to the vehicle.

UE Ultimate Ears' SugarPlum UE Roll 2

Bring music to any summer activity you're doing -- whether it's riding a bike or diving into the lake -- with UE Ultimate Ears' SugarPlum UE Roll 2. This $99 speaker is lighter than a can of soda (just over half a pound), so you can have sound on the go, and comes with a bungee so it can be strapped onto a bike, board or backpack.

This speaker is also waterproof, according to the maker, so you can bungee it to the front of your kayak or even let it float around in your pool (each device comes with a free inflatable floaty).

Amazon Echo

With Amazon Echo, you can check out how hot it will be and how traffic to the beach is shaping up -- without even moving from your bed. Amazon Echo fills the room with 360-degree omni-direction audio, and enables hands-free voice commands so you can play music, ask questions and control the lights or room temperature (with compatible connected home systems like Samsung SmartThings or Nest).

This $180 device acts as a speaker, and you can command it to play music from Spotify, TuneIn or Pandora.

Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller

Whether you're trying to keep your lawn from drying out or keeping your kids cool and happy, sprinklers are summer essentials. Rachio's smart sprinkler controller lets you control your sprinklers from anywhere, as long as you have your smartphone with you.

This $200 sprinkler controller schedules itself based on past, present and future weather, taking into account real-time or forecast rain delays, so you don't need to update based on weather conditions.

Wireless Speaker Water Bottle

Hammacher Schlemmer has combined two must-have elements for a trip to the beach: water and music. The company has built a wireless speaker into an almost-12-ounce water bottle. The integrated 3-watt speaker connects to a smartphone through Bluetooth. The unit also connects to a smartphone with USB and recharges the phone, providing supplemental power during a long day away from power outlets. The $10 water bottle is rugged, made from durable molded plastic, and has enough battery power to keep the music going for up to 6 hours between charges.

TrackR Tracking Device

When you're running around on vacation, it can be easy to lose track of your keys or misplace your suitcase at the airport. TrackR, a small, coin-size device that tracks valuable items, can help you out with that problem. Stick this little gadget on anything, from smartphones to keys, and if the item is misplaced it can then be located from the TrackR app, which causes the device to ring.

In addition, for those who easily lose their phones, the $30 TrackR contains a two-way ringer that allows a user to find the phone from another device the TrackR is connected to. TrackR can find items within 100 feet through Bluetooth.

Nvidia Shield Tablet K1

Keep your kids entertained on long car rides during vacation with the Nvidia Shield Tablet K1.

This $199 tablet has an 8-inch screen and 4K Ultra-HD-ready video capabilities, as well as front-facing stereo speakers, making it just right for gaming on the go. The Nvidia Shield K1 packs a 192-core Nvidia Kepler GPU and quad-core CPU clocking 2.2GHz, meaning that the tablet is great for gaming performance and graphics. The tablet also features both front-facing and rear-facing speakers, as well as 2 GB of RAM and a 1,920-by-1,200 IPS display.

Apple Watch

This summer, take advantage of the many functions of Apple's sporty Apple Watch wearable device, which has health and fitness features, productivity messaging and calendar tools. These features are accessible with Apple's personal assistant, Siri, all right from the user's wrist.

The smartwatch's least-expensive version, a 38mm white sport-banded watch enclosed in a silver aluminum case, costs $300 from Apple's website. Apple also offers midrange models in the $500 range, all the way up to special edition high-end models that are in the $10,000 range.

Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer

Keep your summer memories alive with the Polaroid Zip Mobile Photo Printer. This small and slim device remotely connects to iOS and Android devices and prints out 2-by-3-inch photos in less than a minute from the device's camera roll, using Zink Zero Ink printing technology.

The $130 Polaroid ZIP Mobile Photo Printer can be purchased in an array of colors, including red, blue, black and white.


If you have trouble staying hydrated during the muggy days of August, HidrateSpark, "the water bottle of the future," will remind you. This connected water bottle has a sensor inside that automatically tracks how much you are drinking everyday. The data shows up using Bluetooth on a companion app on smartphones, which reminds you to help reach your recommended goal. If you meet your goal of drinking the right amount of water, Hydrates will glow.

This $55 water bottle, which comes in a variety of colors, will prevent dehydration on even the hottest days.

Google Nest

Save yourself a heart attack over energy costs with Google's Nest connected home thermostat controller. This third-generation model of the Nest thermostat, which costs $249, automatically programs itself to adjust temperatures in your house appropriately and help save money on costly energy bills.

Nest also connects to smartphones to show how much energy is used every month in a Home Report, so you can track when you use more or less energy and learn how to use less.

BioLiteEnergy's CampStove Bundle

"Grill, cool, boil and charge." That's the motto of BioLiteEnergy's CampStove Bundle, which is a station for camping and also charging devices. This fully integrated system comes complete with a lightweight portable grill, camp stove and kettle pot attachments for boiling water and cooking while you're camping.

Beyond the cooking set, this product has another useful function -- battery charging. The $200 bundle comes with a 2W USB port for charging smartphones, head lamps and LED lights.


Enjoy a weekend on the golf course with the SensoGlove. SensoGlove, which comes in both men's and women's versions for right- and left-handed wearers, helps golfers improve their game through digital sensors that continuously read grip pressure, intended to ensure a consistently accurate and smooth golf swing.

The device, made of high-quality leather, provides feedback right on the glove so the user can avoid bad golfing habits and improve their backswing, follow-through and driving. The SensoGlove starts at $89 and can be purchased online.